Kielbasa and Pairs


Hi!  Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  How are you today?  Guess all of us are cold except Mike. Football crowd today, so I’m just tending and watching the football games.


Charlene isn’t in on Sundays so I put together a combo for you. Kielbasa and pierogies.  It’s pretty good! Try some!   All domestic drafts are a buck today.

What can I get you?

Remember Sally?  Yes, her and Vinnie have become quite the couple now. She’s back working in retail. She’s lucky. Vinnie has changed a bit. Think he showers a bit more. LOL  What love does to you.  They were in here earlier before the game. Making all cutsie eyes at each other. Willy says “get a room”.  I’m happy for them.

Charlene is a happy camper. Her man has been giving her some special attention.  She says, “one day at a time”. 

Willy is a happy guy. He may seem a tad grouchy once in a while, but he’s a great guy. His wife and him are a nice couple. They’re here watching the game.

Yeah…   look at ’em……    yup.      Yupper……

I’m hoping for the Cardinals and Pittsburg. You?


Oh The happy couple just came in.   Holy cow! Matching jackets.  Man oh man they ARE in love.

“Willy – nother round?”  Ok You’ve got it.

Look Charlene just came in with her mate!    Hey Sunshine!  A round of Buds for them!

yeah… Look at the happy couples….   What’d I do , put a “Couples Night” sign up?

Hi honey, what can I get ya?   Two buds. Ok. Got Id?  LOL  yes I know.

Odd afternoon here.   Football brings out the best in us.  LOL  Even if our Giants $#it the bed last week.

Havn’t heard from Jeannie.    It’s ok. I’m over it.  Really.

Oh man. Look at Charlene and Big K.  Laughing it up.


The new handle for the freezer door comes tomorrow.  Yup.  Gonna have that fixed.

Well.  Let me call Doxie or Kim.  See what they’re up to.


Have a good night!



~ by Oscar on January 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “Kielbasa and Pairs”

  1. Kielbasa and pierogies. That sounds good. So much better than kielbasa and pears!

  2. I hit the food and drink trifecta today! Starting to feel like a real bar fly though.

  3. Matching jackets, that’s too sick !! I would have had to spill a beer so one of them would take on off….Gag ! Mmmmm, I’m hungry, why is it everytime I come here I get hungry?

  4. i have never had kielbasa. it just doesn’t sound like something i should eat. it sounds belligerent. i don’t eat belligerent food. i will take a kahlua though. as long as the calories are virtual. got any butterscotch schnaaps? i can’t get that here, and it’s probably a good thing.

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