Might as Well, JUMP!

Frozen bottle by Greg Marshall.

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Hello There! C’mon in you’ll catch cold!  How are you? I’m Willy.  Oscar is real busy today he says. Yeah like he’s busy, he’s yakky yakkin with some lady on the iternet.  Shhheeeze!  All frikkin’ day yesterday and some this morning. 

Well Charlene has a nice lunch for us today. Some Warm grilled cheese with tomato and bacon!   MMMmmm!  I had one already. Good stuff honey!  O said earlier our special is Buttered Rum… what?   Distributors are pushing Rumplemitz so that too. Right Mr. Chatty Kathy????   I think she has some tomato soup to go with that. Good combo for a cold a$$ed day like today.  Gonna have to send some out for Terri, Weaselmomma and Mrs4444 to warm up with.

So I think Lisa’s friend Kim is who O’s chatting with. She’s a perty gal.  Too perty for scruffy ol’ Oscar.  She kinda just became a member here.  Spose Oscar will be including her in the upcoming blogs.  He needs to spend a little more time watching the stock here. Seems to be a lot of Jack Daniels being despensed and not paid for. 

Oh, here he comes….

Wilfredo ma man – quee pasta!”

O what am it.

“How’s it going today? You see Sunshine?” 

She walked in about a half hour after you this morning.

“She did, hmm.  ”  (he went in the kitchen)

If he’d have been out here instead of in his office all morning he’d know she had a doctor appointement to go to before she came in.  Hold on..

Hi How are you?  Yeah it’s damned cold outside. What can i get ya?  A budweiser and the grilled cheese, you got it buddy.

Business. Oh here he comes feeding his beardy face.

Willy, you have a sandwich?  Go on, get one, I’ll finish that!


Hey folks, how are ya.  Hope Willy’s taking good care of you.  Looks like he told you whats on the menu today, yeah I did forget the Rumple minze.  Try the Peppermint Schnapps.  I put some in my coffee.

Hmmmm.    Best give Willy some attention. He gets cranky when I’m not milling about.

Ever watch that tv show “House”  Well at the end of the show in the production credits , it shows these two guys on a beach and the guys says, “That’s some bad Hat Harry”.   It’s silly. BUT  did you ever wonder what the heck is behind it.  I did. It’s actually taken from Jaws.  Roy Scheider and some old guy are sitting on the beach and the old man makes a comment to him. His response?  Click on the Bad hat Harry picture.

Huh!   LOL   And if you watch the cartoon thing at the end of House, you see a shark pass in the water.

Learn something new every day!

Oh, I have to check email – “Willy!  can you finish this for me?”

yeah man.


Hey have a great day and stay warm. Stoke those fires!  Oh yeah. “Flip those switches!”   LOL



~ by Oscar on January 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Might as Well, JUMP!”

  1. That grilled cheese sandwich sounds good! I always have some hot tomato soup to dunk mine in. You have to dunk it! Mmmmm!

    Hey Willy, you’re a tough one. Cut Oscar some slack and let him enjoy himself.

    I’ve noticed the ‘bad hat’ ending. Never knew where it came from. That’s pretty cool. I’ve been watching those little closing things for a few years. I think it started with ‘Family Ties.’ Remember the closing scene for that show? “Sit Ubu. Sit. Good dog. ‘WOOF!'” Ever since then, I’ve noticed these can be entertaining. I love ‘House.’ Going to have to watch for the shark now!

  2. That buttered rum looks awesome! Will you post your recipe? It could keep me warm.

  3. hi gramps, I still visit the tavern from time to time so don’t forget about me!!

  4. oh wow i haven’t had grilled cheese in ages. when i was a kid i thought they were ‘girl cheese sandwiches’ which never made sense to me. then one day i realized my mistake. 36 years old i was. . .

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