A Martini with 3 Olives


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today?  Horrible cold outside. Makes life miserable if you ask me. Constant cold isn’t good for anyone. I saw on the news it was -36 degrees in Alaska. Tell em’ Yukon!  “Not fit for man nor beast!”  I refer to ol’ Yukon a lot. Wish he visited more often. I did see him bringing the “bumble” to Hooters.  Probably getting him some wings so he can fly next time he falls off a cliff. But that’s right. Bumbles bounce.  Maybe he wants to show the Hooter girls how he licks his pick.  (augh,….nuthin.)


Well our lovely Charlene is here today and she has some  tasty hot ham and cheese sandwiches with brocolli cheese soup  for you. Drink special today is Coors Light. The Silver Bullet.  Popular  amoungst midwest weasels I understand. But being the kind gent I am, I’m throwing in a shot for 50 cents.  Hell momma, 10 bucks will get ya tuned!

Lisa’s friend came by today.  Had all the fellas at the bar using Visene by the end of the day. Very perty!  Lisa was a bit ticked as half of them don’t talk that much, but today… yak yak yak yak…  Hey boy’s!  Lisa is a looker too!

Charlene made a salad recently and put in “salad olives” which to me are just the broken ones that don’t make the whole olive jar. Anyway I took a liking to them in a salad. Now what I’m wondering if theres any coincidence lately that I’m fond of 3 women named “Olivia”.


Olivia Munn                Olivia WIlde             Olivia Benson (Mariska)

Olivia Munn I found while channel surfing one evening. Passing the G4 channel which is a video game / teckie channel. Ok, she was in a swimsuit, but I watched the rest of a show called “Attack of the Show“, which highlights odd games, tv stuff and other teckie stuff. She’s pretty funny with a dry sense of humor.

Olivia Wilde is a character on “House” that show on FOX. I think she’s Fox-y”  I love her eyes. That’s Meleah’s favorite show. Look at her belly….Mmmm.

Olivia Benson, OK, Mariska Hargitay. C’mon guys…. She can cuff me any day.  No matter how many times I see the same episodes of Law and Order, I still enjoy them.

Willy, hook me up with an original. 3 olives please!   LOL  We’ll have to call this drink an “Olivia”.

Martinis  nowadays. Anything with vodka in a martini glass. Willy says, “That ain’t no gosh damned Martini!”

New Shooz by you.

Hey we found a nice pair of sneaks here by the bar.  A little beer splashed on ’em.  They yours?

Well let me go. Lot’s of folk passing by lately, all good.



~ by Oscar on January 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Martini with 3 Olives”

  1. It’s FREEZING here is Wisconsin, and next week is supposed to be EVEN COLDER! yIKES. At least we have the snow to look at….

  2. I absolutely LOVE Olivia Benson

  3. Ham and CHEESE, broccoli and CHEESE; yum…very Wisconsin friendly! We’re going to need the sustenance next week; I hear it may not get above 5 degrees Farenheit between Tuesday and Friday…YIKES! Definitely fragmented, my friend! (Aren’t your going to offer a little Linky Love…? 🙂

  4. Ok, now you’ve just gone and tainted one of my favorite Christmas movies. Now every time I see Yukon Cornelius lick his pick axe, I’m going to wonder about his sex life!

    Don’t know those first two Olivias, but even I have to admit, as a woman, Mariska Hargitay (sp?) is sexy. Personally, I’m a little more partial to Elliot though.

    Hey, you found my shoes! Now, can you explain to me how I got home from the tavern without them???

  5. Olivia Benson is hot !!! And you made me hungry.

  6. That sounds like a good afternoon. I better have some food too, just to stave off any problems. I saw who left the shoes. She’ll be around to collect them soon enough. Terri just can’t stay out of bars.

  7. hiding the remote 3 times a week! HA HA HA

  8. meleah – a true fav. even w the ladies.

    4444 sure sure sure sure

    Terri – I thought he checked for gold! LOL Elliot is cool. The shoes. Well we’ll have to see.

    GYDTHTM – Hot and cool. I’ll pour ya one soon. hell, I hide it on myself daily..

    Weaselmomma – We offer ride service, and Charlene will fill ya up. We watch out for our patrons! Want ya to come back? Ta know?

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