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Welcome to Oscar’ Tavern!  How are you today?

Oscar is busy today so he asked me, Willy to do todays blog.  I’ve done it a couple times before so hopefully I won’t offend anyone.


Todays special is  (ask Charlene- put in here)  and the drink special is Coors Light. Buck drafts, who can beat that? I wonder if the babe in the picture comes with a six pack!  Ha ha                       Charlene is cooking today so I’m sure its good!  She’s a nice kid. O adores her.

So its Philly against Big Blue.  Boy that’s gonna be a slug-fest for sure. We here at this fine establishment are Giant fans.  What are you?

O found a website where you can create characters in the South Park Style.  He said he’s gonna do all of us and post it one day. I saw his and Charlene’s, they’re pretty funny.  I says he should do some of our regular customers and let you guess who they are.

horatio460.jpgI was watching CSI- Miami last night with the wife. We like to laugh every time we see David Caruso do his sunglasses thing.  “Well, Frank….    I think Rodger Daltrey is gonna scream now”….   ” YEAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW”    What’s my scrambled name in the intro?  Let’s see…     @&7iit    then it unscrambles to Willy, and those animated computer screens. NO computer does that stuff.   If the CIA had that stuff we’d catch Obsama! And would you like to work in place where all the light is yellow?!   But hey, we still watch don’t we.

(put a joke here)

What do you call a Lesbian with long fingers?                Well Hung.

One of our customers gave me that one.

(say hi to Doxie, google cupcakes and insert a picture)  

Oh, Hi Doxie!   


Ok, well this should do.  He’ll be back tomorrow.

(end with Ciao)

Thanks!   G’bye!


~ by Oscar on January 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “Todays blog”

  1. Coors Light! Now your a man after my own heart. A a buck a draft, I can sit here all night listening to lame jokes.

  2. David Caruso do his sunglasses thing ALWAYS makes me laugh. He is such a tool.

  3. I still think of David Caruso in that cop show…can’t remember the name of it anymore… where he was constantly asking, “You ok? You ok? You sure? You ok?” Drove me NUTS!

  4. What’s a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?

  5. csi miami is my comic relief, absolutely.

  6. Why is it everytime I read your blog I’m thirsty? Pour me a draft and don’t let me hit the bottom. Where’s the nuts?

  7. Hi Oscar, my darlin’. How on earth you found that picture of me in my scrapbook, I’ll never know . . . .

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