The Dark at the End of the Clouds…


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern! 

Making it through “New Years Weekend”?   We are. Barely… Still a skeleton crew. Just Lisa and I here today.


Drink Specials are Bloody Mary’s and Bacardi. Yes Bacardi again. Got one sitting here with coke and lime for a  mid-west lady, a Recent regular.


Willy and I did a lot of planning yesterday during our clean up session. Yeah, and some drinking. “Lubricates the gears of the mind”  he says.   Got all of the decorations packed away and back in the storage space. Cleaned up the bar, stools, the floor, the shitters, (did I say that?) and vacuumed the pool tables. Place is sparkling like new. But there is a lack of Dewars for some reason… 🙂   And some of the soft pretzels.  We closed up at around 11pm last night.  Willy drove me home, I was too beat. Had lisa pick me up this morning around 10. She was all in a happy mood. Apparently she heard from some old friend she hasn’t spoken to in a while and said she was coming to visit.  That’s good. Keeping up with old friends. Something I need to do more. 

Guy came in today wearing a jogging suit.  A jogging suit in 15 degree weather.  Whats with these whacko.   Wanted a bottle of water.  And he wasn’t wearing one of them armour-all suits like one of our regulars Terri does. He had a tank top and shorts.  What a jerk. I understand commitment, but jeeeese!  Willy said meybe he had to drop out a window…LOL

Well ;et me get back to the bar.  A bunch of guys from the nearby car dealer just walked in.

Have a great day!  Thanks for coming by!

Hi Cupcake!


* oh, that picture of the evil lady reminds Willy of his 2nd wife.   LOL


~ by Oscar on January 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Dark at the End of the Clouds…”

  1. What an excellent way to start my day! Cheers.

  2. Yep, there are some crazies out there running. Personally, I like to wear my under armour to keep warm. (It’s my car that likes to wear the armour all!) 😉

    You made my day too!

  3. Bloody Mary’s are the KEY to a hangover!

  4. I missed Bloody Mary’s! What’s this world coming to? And a big smirk for that second wife comment and “evil woman”!


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