Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!    Well here we go! 

Hi, how are you?  Damned cold out there isn’t it?  Slow day here today. Just Willy and me. Gave the day off to the rest of the gang. They’ve worked hard.

Bar pies today. MMmmm, they are good! Drink special is Bacardi Rum.   What can I get you?

Well the new year did well for Sally. She found a position at the competing department store with a promotion. She’s happy as hell, but still wants to be a part of the Tavern folk.  She didn’t realize it but when she started that day a couple weeks ago, she became a member.  We’re gonna bring in some new folk this year based on our frequent patrons. Maybe it will be you? I have decided to design a logo for the place. Make some polo shirts for the staff. Class up the joint a bit. Not that we aren’t a class act already!  🙂

Willy and I are cleaning up and putting away all of the Holiday decorations. Seems like we have more than last year.  We sat and talked a lot today about the Tavern, and it’s future. We decided to make some small changes.  You’ll see them as we roll them out.

We’re gonna expand our mixed drink selections. Try to compete with the trendy places. We’re a shot and a beer place and have always been like that.  Trying to get some of the younger adults in. But NO HIP HOP in the jukebox.  Oh, and a volume control!

 Sometimes the jukebox gets so loud, you have to shout like that obnoxious Billy Mays to hear anyone. And why does this guy shout all the time!  He makes us crazy. We dash for the remotes and mute him when his shouting ads for dumb stuff come on.  I have a collection of thoughts for that guy and his junk. (stuff he sells, silly)

Well, Willy’s out there by himself. Let me get out there and help.

Welcome back to the Tavern for the NEW YEAR!   2009 is gonna be a fun year. It HAS to be. We promise the same service with a smile!

See you later….     (Yes Charlene)






~ by Oscar on January 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Cheers!”

  1. I’ll have some coke and lime to go with that Bacardi.

  2. 2009 will be a wonderful year

  3. Bacardi is a good 2nd to Malibu. Nice choice.

  4. Beer and (occassional) shots are my style. Maybe that’s why I like it here.

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