‘Tis The Season…

sexysantaWelcome to Oscar’s Tavern!    Damn, it’s cold out!  My god!  We should be all be at Oscar’s South!  Here, put those bags over there by the coat rack. Sit down!  You regulars get free drinks and lunch today on the house!

I chose the menu today as a way of thanking all of our patrons. Nothing tastier than good warm beef stew! That’ll warm you up! AND for you silly “Vegans”  Fetuccini Alfredo!   All drinks are special , so just belly up and tell us what you’d like!  I’m suggesting a warm brandy, then a fine red wine to accompany these dishes!  Look at me, I sound like I work at the Waldorf!  LOL

Well let’s see.  Our Dear Charlene flies back here today. 1221081937Can’t wait to see her. There’s no secret I am very fond of her.  We all want to thank Belinda for filling in for her while she was vacationing. Belinda you ARE awesome!  She likes Ice cream, so I’ll have to get her some when it warms up!  MMmmmm! Willy, Vinnie, Lisa and Sally are all here today. Everyone is in a festive mood. (Well the free drinks help). Our friend Betty is in California today celebrating her birthday visiting  our friend “Always”. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Have fun!

There’s a lot of people coming in today. It started early. Guess folks are out shopping and stuff. A guy came in here with a bald head that was rosey as hell!  We sent him out with a hat from the lost and found box. 

Last night a few of the regulars and me were watching the GIANTS game. Which us fans are happy about beating the Carolina Panthers!  It was a great game!  So now we have home field advantage AND a bye. Nice!  We have a tough schedule ahead of us, but we’re behing them!  Yes, I’m gonna go broke serving all these free drinks. We had them last night too because of the win.

Sally was here to the wee hours hanging around with Vinnie. Hmmm looks like a little romance growing here!  Vinnie is NEVER here when we open in the morning at 9. He walked in with her… hey!   They left together last night.   OOOooohhhh!  Well the rumors will be flying today.

Well we all decided to close for Christmas. We all want to be home with our families that day.  Leo offered to run the place as did (yes, Vinnie and Sally,  uh huh)  but I just said lets all relax. Besides the day after is usually jammed!  We’ll have our little get together on Christmas eve.  We exchange little gifts. and close the bar early.  One year Charlene and I gave each other the same gift! LOL

1107080727Well it may be over with Jeannie.  We had a little spat 2 weeks ago week and she’s just unreachable.  😦   Well I hope we can be just friends anyway.  I miss her. This is the second time I need to return a gift for her. Maybe its just not meant to be. Well Jeannie if you read this, I will always be fond of you. 


Ok, back to happy.  It is COLD!   Gotta find a place thats warm and Conditionally Satisfactory.

Seasons Greetings!    



~ by Oscar on December 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “‘Tis The Season…”

  1. I am not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination – but I do LOVE me some Fetuccini Alfredo! Yum.

    *I am awful sorry to hear about you and Jeannie. That STINKS*

  2. Will a warm brandy get rid of this chill I can’t seem to shake? If so, I’ll take one!

  3. It was fun filling in for Charlene…Anytime you need help let me know…Chocolate Chocolate Chip Haagen Daz is my favorite…Sorry. I know that you don’t like chocolate.

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