It’s 80 degrees in Florida

sexysantaWelcome to Oscar’s Tavern!    How are you today!   Snowing here in the NorthEast!  They say up to 6″ for us.  I’ll believe that when I see it!


Well Belinda is out today, but our Dear Charlene texted us todays special and Sally’s gonna take a crack at it!  Cuban Sandwiches!  Must be the Floridian exposure. Charlene does have a good recipe for them and says she has all the stuff in the freezer. Sally is in there now putting it together. Vinnie is helping.  LOL  Well let’s have a warm drink with this today.  Jack Daniels Whisky is our special!

What can I get you?

Well Monday starts Hanukkah. So for all of our patrons who celebrate Hanukkah, “Lecheim” – to Life!  Enjoy the holiday!

Oh and sorry, We couldn’t do Kosher Cuban’s, but we’ll see what we can come up with.  Our bar pies will do!

Well as I predicted, the news teams on TV are shouting about the couple inches we’re gonna get, they showed the salt trucks loading… LOL  So predictable!!  This time its, ” EYE ON THE STORM”   LOL   Priceless.  I think they could re-run every other coverage as its almost the same every time.

Boy it’s scary how much that comic above is close to reality. 

I found Sheryl Crow’s other version of Blue Christmas. It’s VERY different from the newer version on the new CD.  I can’t figure out how to share it with you yet.  Any suggestions?

Busy day here.  Catch up with all of you later!




~ by Oscar on December 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “It’s 80 degrees in Florida”


  2. 80 degrees? I need to go to Florida. I hear that your snow is headed my way. If we get as much as they’re predicting, I’m not leaving the house tomorrow.

  3. Love the cartoon.

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