Ho Ho Ho Damn it!


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Well the holidays are quickly approaching! A lot of people have been stopping by between work and shopping for a quick “taste”.  It ‘s nice to see everyone finally getting into the spirit of the holiday!

Well our pretty friend Belinda has been filling in for Charlene. Today she has fish and chips on the menu!  They smell pretty good! Think I’ll have some myself! And lets have a Guinness to wash that down with! A nice combination if you ask me! Thanks Belinda!                     What can I get you?

I heard recently that some people were upset about the phrase, “ho ho ho” saying it was demeaning to women.  WTF?????  What the hell is going on!  Ho Ho Ho has been Santa’s line before PC was a twinkle in a suffragette’s eye.  Sorry America, I speak english. I haven’t heard Santa shout “Whore whore whore!”  With this in mind, was the jolly green giant looking for love?  Come on!  Stop the madness! 

They say we’re going to get snow here tomorrow! I’ll believe that when I see it. But just in case. I ‘d better get some rock salt for the walkway.  We were laughing earlier (Eddie and I, he was enjoying an early Chimay) how the local news will have these big headlines and graphics “BLIZZARD 08” and they’ll interview the guys loading up salt trucks, the sales person at home depot and Loews.  Then nothing happens. We were thinking how funny it would be if they put in the wrong footage and used the hurricane Home Depot film.  People would be running out buying plywood.  LOL

Our friend Betty is going to San Diego to visit a friend and leaves tomorrow. Hope it doesn’t hold her up!!   A friend from Ft. Collins, Colorado called me this morning and said it was 6 degrees.  “Not fit for man nor beast” I said.   Doxie said it was in the 50’s today. I’d figure Dallas was warmer.  Well I know it would be warm if I was there with her.

Sally brought in homemade cookies today. Wow, we may put her in the kitchen! she’s really taking a liking to the Tavern. Guess it beats being a cashier in the kitchen appliances department.  I think Vinnie is taking a liking to her.  That phrase I just wrote remings me of an old Beverly Hillbilly’s episode.  Miss Jane is showing them the house and says to Jethro, Here is Jethro’s suite… Jed whispers  to Jethro, I think Miss Jane is taking a liking to you. Jethro responds to her, Thanks, Daaaarrrrrlin!  

Have a great day!



~ by Oscar on December 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho Damn it!”

  1. Offended by ho-ho-ho !!! It’s not spellled hoe-hoe-hoe !!! If Santa looked like a hoe I’d be insulted. Sheesh….I’m glad Sally is doing well, I want some cookies, damn it.

  2. aww, thanks Oscar

  3. Ho.Ho.Ho.

    That’ all I have to say about THAT!

  4. “Not fit for man nor beast.” Yukon Cornelius. Now I have to go dig out my Rudolph movie!

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