OT, A Charitable Organization


Welcome my friends to Oscar’s Tavern!  How are you today? Crazy weather we’ve been having lately, huh? Mind those workers over there, we’re replacing the light fixtures. Sprucing up for the new year!

Well today our talented fill in chef Belinda (and might i add beautiful) has a real treat fixed up for us today! Some Spanish Tapas!  And savor the flavor with some fresh made Red Wine Sangria!  A little hispanic treat for all of us!  I was watching Belinda make them. Looks good!  The Tapa’s too!  LOL 🙂

 A woman came in today with a load of bags from shopping. She sat at one of the tables near the juke box and ordered a wine and a bar pie.  Lisa took the order. Lisa was tied up when Belinda put it on the counter, so I took it over to her. As I approached the table I saw her on her cell phone talking and fighting tears. I gently placed the pie in front of her and made a thumbs up gesture to her. She nodded in thanks and continued to talk.  Lisa followed up coming back for another wine.  Again I brought it to her and she was eating and crying. I asked her, ” Hi honey, you ok?”  She sniffed and between sobs said, “I guess so”.   I told her if she needed anything to let me or Lisa know.  About 10 minutes later Lisa came up to me and said the woman wanted to speak to me. I went over, sat down and said “Hi, What’s up?”  She told me about how she had just lost her job at this department store. She found out yesterday. She was divorced and lived on her own here in town. She was in a position and the holidays were only compounding her sorrow. 

Well we don’t like to see people sad here (I’m such a glutton for tears) so I had a quick meeting with Lisa and Willy. Then re-apporached her.  “Hey sweetie, look, if it will do any good for you, I can let you work here through the holidays till you get back on your feet”.   Now I really didn’t need her, but my heart went out for her.  “Oh, I don’t know, you don’t look that busy today”, she answered. “Hey, you don’t know the crowds we get here after hours and holidays.”.   Well long story short. Meet Sally.   She’s gonna work with us at the Tavern, helping Belinda, Lisa, Willy. and me.  Fill in a lot of Charlene’s stuff while she’s in the Sunshine state.  So be nice to her and tip her good!   She’s no mixologist, but she had a nice smile.

Ok, are you ready for today’s     STUPID GIFT!  stupis-steamer1

 Yes, Steam away the pounds!  What a piece of $#it!    I looked at it and it has more nooks and crannies to clean than an english muffin. You’ll spend more time cleaning it, than enjoying the PVC riddled steam cooked food!  And won’t it look great on your counter top next to the Cuisinart! Look at that fool on the box. Somebody lied to him when he asked, “Do I look good”!   I’m not thinking you can “deal a meal” out of this contraption.

Well Sally is doing ok for her first day. I think she’s enjoying the comfort and friendliness of the people here. Guess her winking at the boss helps.

Rookies get the restrooms…..

Charlene says HI and its 80 degrees and sunny……..



~ by Oscar on December 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “OT, A Charitable Organization”

  1. Wow Oscar, I almost teared…..what a wondeful heart you have. You need to be nominated for some kind of award or something. Now I definately have to come to Oscar’s to meet this wonderful man who gives a lady a job at Christmas. Kudos to you my dear.


  3. What a sweet story. I’m a little confused though, Do you have an actual bar or is it a virtual bar? BTW, if you have 7 fishes on Christmas Eve we Weasels are a comin’. I really don’t even like fish, but I love that Italian tradition.

  4. Will you hire me to work at the Tavern too? Sounds a lot more interesting than (not) making student loans. Probably doesn’t pay as well, but I’m starting to realize that’s not what’s important.

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