A Day at Oscar-sahns


Welcome to the friendly little place we call, Oscar’s Tavern!  We’re glad you came!  A little retreat from the Holiday Maddness, a place to call home…..   Well maybe not home, but a place to be cozy.  Yeah that’s it!  Pull up a stool and take a load off your feet!

Well with Charlene enjoying the sunny Floridian weather, We have the beautiful Belinda filling in for us here. She’s cooked up a little suprise for us today! Shrimp Tempura!  We’re going Asian today!  With this, she recommends a drink called, the ” Scorpion Bowl“!   So we have that as todays special! She says it’s a bit strong, so bets eat up first! (or we’ll call you a cab – OK, you’re a cab)

What can I get you?

Yes, our dear friend Charlene is enjoying herself in the Sunshine state this week. We all miss her.  She adds the Sunshine to the place.   Jeannie and I are at the bottom of the coaster.  (Highs and lows), guess that happens anytime, but this time of the year it just hurts more. Guess we all have something we can drip tears into our beer with, but what good does it do.  Lisa luckily has been dating this guy from South Jersey. Nice guy, hopefully it will work out. But he can’t take her away from here.  LOL  Oh, and he’s an Eagles fan…augh.  But she’s a happy girl.

Well my NY GIANTS $#it the bed again, losing against Dallas. Our friend Doxie will be happy, I guess paybacks are a bitch!   We had the game on here at the tavern. Big crowd, did well last night.  Lost out on the celebrational rounds, but we had a few sympathy shots going. LOL  Lot’s of disappointed fans.

Are you in the Holiday spirit? A lot of folks say they aren’t. Guess it’s all because of the economy and stuff like that. That’s sad because this is when we should all be happy. Geeze, am I being upright today….  Maybe because I’m tired. Or have good friends in trouble on my mind.  Well I guess I’m allowed right?  Here, Have a drink on me.

Well I still have Christmas shopping to do, and saw this gem…


If you need this, you shouldn’t be drinking………… or, had too much already.  The kicker is, there’s a 16 page booklet inside!  Another fine stupid gift!

Well, I just got a fortune cookie that says, “Something special comes your way”.   Probably a hernia. I just lugged all those kegs into the basement.

Thanks for stopping by!



~ by Oscar on December 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Day at Oscar-sahns”

  1. Even though I’ve seen that snowman cartoon a thousand times before, it still makes me laugh. Classic.

  2. Just do a little something to put you in the Christmas spirit, to help remember what that season is all about. For example, create a drink at the bar and call it the WeaselMomma! It’s got to be Strong, sassy, sweet and smooth. Don’t forget tasty. That should perk up the doldrums for ya!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Mmmm… the Scorpion Bowl looks for the cure for what ails ya! At least until the buzz wears off.

  4. MMMMmmmm Scorpion Bowls…They are delicious but deadly…

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