Nobody Want’s an Oscar in the Box!

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today? Strange weather we’re having lately huh? one day it’s warm, next day it’s cold! Hell, you never know what it will be tomorrow. Boy I’d love to be one of those TV meterologists, wrong 50% of the time and still get paid.

Today we have Belinda in the kitchen, She’s cooked up some Tuna Melts for us.  And a nice Belgian beer Chimay – My buddy Eddie turned me on to this. Don’t they look good! Thanks for filling in for Charlene honey! Charlene is visiting the folks in the Sunshine State this week. Safe trip darlin’!

My daugher in law got the new Sheryl Crow Christmas CD at the Hallmark store and we put it into the jukebopx here. It’s not bad. OK I’m a Sheryl Crow fan from her first CD. Didn’t care for her last one much but anyway the Christmas CD is nice! She does a version of White Christmas on it thats nice. She released an unusual version of White Christmas the previous year or so that I love – I’ll have to find it. hold on…..

Nah, not on You tube or google. I’ll have to upload it.  It’s popular here at the Tavern.

So Vinnie brought in his suprise yesterday. YESSSS!!  Home made sopressato!  Do you like it?  I do. We had some sliced on the bar all day and everyone loved it.  (Actually made them thirsty, LOL)  It actually hangs in his attic for months!  That and some beer.  Nice!

Lisa brought in the HD version of Rudolph!  We have it running over and over on the TV by the register. Everyone loves that movie.  We say we are on the Island of Misfit drunks. “Nobody wants a Charlie in the box!?”


We’ll take ya Charlie!

Gotta love Rudolph….


Thanks for stopping by!    Hey mind that mistletoe over your head!

Oh – Visit Weaselmomma – check out todays blog.




~ by Oscar on December 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Nobody Want’s an Oscar in the Box!”

  1. An Oscar in the box sounds awesome! Thanks for the link love. I sooooo want to come to Oscar’s bar.

  2. Oh, I’m coming visiting to the tavern when Weaselmomma comes! She makes me laugh when I’m not drunk… can’t imagine how much more fun she’d be when I am.

    I have a collection of about 30 Christmas CDs. Sheryl Crow isn’t in it. Going to have to see if I can pick that one up.

  3. Tuna Melts and the Sheryl Crow Christmas CD make for a lovely afternoon

  4. I would like an Oscar in a box !!!! Sheryl rocks.

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