Just a Quick shot! Really………


Hello There ladies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to the Famous Oscar’s Tavern!  Not to be mistaken for the one in Philadelphia, ours is more virtual. And beautiful… like a december day in new Jersey….(SSCCCRRAATTTCCCHHHHHH)   Oh sorry. 

Today’s specials are Chicken Murphy made by our lovely Charlene. and Coors Light! The lights are for some new customers Terri and Mrs. Weasel.   Well Chrlene and I chatted about the pizza thing and we decided to add bar pies to our daily menu, along with her tasty specials. So look forward to some yummy pizza coming regularly here to the Tavern.  Charlene is the best.  (perty too)

I’m really busy today – so I gott be brief, so this is a “quick shot”, Willy, Get me a shot of Johnny Walker Black.    >chug<   Ahhhhh. OK  

I gotta go – Have a great weekend. More later…




~ by Oscar on December 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Just a Quick shot! Really………”

  1. I love LOVE chicken murphy. Yum.

  2. Mmmmmm…. Coors Light. Now that’s a beer I can appreciate, especially alongside a fabulous slice of pizza!

  3. yummy looking special. Slow down some. Enjoy your life.

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