Red Flannel Pajamas


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  Come on in! It’s ok, it’s safe, it’s tasty! or for you West coasters Tastey! Todays specials are cupcakes, the drink of the day..cupcakes.

What can I get you? Cupcakes?   Great And a drink? A cupcake…nice combo!

Why are we so fixed on cupcakes?  Well why not! Today as i was driving my cupcake along the cupcake river, I noticed the leaves on the cupcake tree were turning a sort of cupcake color. Ah! I said to myself it’s fall. It was so nice I stopped and looked around at all the fall cupcakiage. I noticed that some cupcakes were still swimming in the river. Looked up and saw some nice fluffy white cupcakes floating against the blue skies. It was so nice, it made me think of cupcakes.  I saw a cupcake-o-plane fly by and wondered if the folks in frost class got thier choice of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes.

I stopped by a friends to fix her shower and we went and had cupcake for lunch. She wanted the clear frosting. They brought her brown frosting. whats with that?  But it was nice – Thanks Betty!

I was in a cupcake today having meetings about cupcakes. we decided that we wanted cupcakes with our cupcakes. So we budgeted to have additional cupcakes from now on. Our recent study by cupcake-sultants revealed that we pay more for consultants than the value we get getting our own cupcakes, so BAM! Out with the consultants and in with cupcakes. This decision was so exciting that we went out and had cupcakes. MIne was strawberry. Everything is just wonderful with cupcakes here. When I’m scared, i go to cupcake. When I’m lonely, I talk to cupcakes. MMMmmmmmm Tasty goodness! Sometimes I’m naughty and take off the cupcakes paper. I peer at thier lil cupcake bottom. All round and golden, or brown.  Ever have the ones that are really loaded on top!  Like all that frosting is thicker than the cake itself! When I’m done eating, I shold take a picture and say “Got Cupcake?”

Did you know that 4 out of 5 cupcakes surveyed say they’d rather be eaten before they’re frosted and still warm from the oven? That suprised me! I read it in the Cup cake Times. I’d show you but I ate it. I thought for sure they’d rather be frosted!


Here are Charlene’s cupcakes!  

Oh well, Thats about all that happened today. From one cupcake to another let me say, CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE!

This ones for you Cupcake!

Cupcake Ciao




~ by Oscar on October 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Red Flannel Pajamas”

  1. Cupcakes and Flannel pajamas? Now you are talking my language!

  2. Let me say that this is the strangest but funniest post I’ve read of yours. Is this all sparked by my half dozen cupcakes? Are you jealous that I got them? I love cucapkes. Orange falvored Hostess – YUM. Betty Crocker rocks. Bakery cake is no good.

    I don’t know why I got the brown frosting but I’m glad they fixed it and gave me the white frosting instead. I think I would have been mad if not.

    Thanks for helping me with my shower. You’re the best rent-a-dad ever!

  3. love them and this post!!!

  4. betty’s comment You’re the best rent-a-dad ever! is cracking me up

  5. oh my gosh, did you just MAKE my day — I’m grinning from cupcake ear to cupcake ear (and definitely no frosting is best!)

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