Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!   How are you?  Sit down. Today we have a delicious Hamburger Club Sandwich, which I’ve never had before. Charlene was suprised I never heard of them BUT, they look good! ANd to wash it down, a festive HArd Apple Cider called “Original Sin”.  Sounds like a great combo!

What can I get you?   Yeah, me too. The club and the apple. Sounds like a hit!

Have you ever gone out for lunch to lets say here, and just get so cozy you don’t want to go back or leave? That has happened to me a few times. Perhaps the weather, the company, the right atmosphere, good food or good conversation.  Its a comfy place. Thats how I feel today. Maybe just sit back with one of Charlenes sandwiches, and sip on some cider and just chill. Thats what I want to do today. So I’m climbing out from behind the bar and sitting at a table by the widescreen. Lisa, you and Charlene can tend. If it gets too busy, Call Meleah.

So here I am in the corner. Early for sports today so its on a news channel. Oh will this election be over already. Here comes Charlene with my sandwich. She doesn’t normally serve outside the bar. She’s so cute. MM looks good! “Thanks honey”.  I havn’t tried this hard cider yet. It must be good. Willy drinks it.  >POP<  (Pouring sounds) MM. Tasty!    Now bite the sandwich.  MMMMnnn.  Wow I should come here more often!  LOL

So I’m just watching the people come in. A different perspective.  I should wear a mask so I’m not recognized. Sometimes its good to look at things differently.  Guess we all need to do that once in awhile.

2 hours later:

Wow I forgot how many friends I have here. Remember Belinda? Aw she’s a sweetie.  I forgot how much she likes Pina coladas….

4 hours later: I love you guyz…..      I don’t f-ing care what an e botty sezz.



~ by Oscar on October 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sunshine”

  1. I agree, we all need to sit on the other side of the bar sometimes . . . .

  2. Doxie my cupcake… come join me!

  3. I feel that way everyday. I just want to quit and work no where…live in a cardboard box.

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