El cuerpo te la pide



Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern! How are you today? We have a treat for you today, Belinda is in the kitchen today, as Charlene is “off site” today. She has made is up some Lechon con Tostones! Roast Pork with Fried plantains! Sabor! AND we have some Medalla beer and coors light to compliment this ethnic delight!

What can I get you today? AH, yes! The lunch special and a Medalla.  Never fails!

So here we are again in the sunny caribbean. 95 degrees out!  Whew!  A few fluffy clouds, blue skies, all good. Wow down here, they use a lot of sex in advertizing. Hey, I don’t mind. Perhaps we are a little too much PC at home. They have a large billboard in San Juan that shows a topless woman standing sideways holding a can to cover (barely) her breasts which says “El cuerpo te la pide” Which translated means, the body asks for it!  HHmm I’ll bet!  I can’t find in on google buut will see if I can take a picture tomorrow. Pretty nuts though. Lot’s of that kind of advertizing here. Almost makes people drive off the road, some of them. and yes ladies, there’s skimpy dressed men in these ads too. I just don’t pay as much attention.  LOL  🙂



   Oh Boy I’m tired. I was on the phone for quite a while last night



The Official Unabashed Scientific Dictionary defines asymmetry as a place where you bury dead people.


Hi what can I get you?  A Medalla and the Pork! You got it!

There sure are a lot of pretty Puerto Rican women down here. Weii, yes I guess they are Puerto Rican aren’t they. Well its fun to look out of the window.

Charlene had a mishap. Lets keep her in mind today. Poor girl.

Happy Yom Kippur!

Ok, lemme go.  Thanks for coming by!






~ by Oscar on October 9, 2008.

One Response to “El cuerpo te la pide”

  1. I wish I was in the sunny caribbean…….

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