Osc-Tober Fest


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  How are you today? Today Charlene has a tasty Chef’s salad for our lunch special, and we have Smithwick’s Ale (My favorite) drafts for only 2 bucks! Nice huh? I’ll bet that sounds good doesn’t it! And if you’re a regular, you get the collectors glass with it!  Huh!  Find THAT at Ruby Tuesdays.

I’ll bet youwant that salad and a chilled glass of Schmittys!  Of course you do. And you know what? I’m joining you, C’mon Charlene, we’re all having one!

Well everyone seems to be jumping on the Election bandwagon. Even people who never gave a poop are interested. I’m not sure if its the political issues at hand or the fact that it has become “the thing to do”, a media blitz. The stupid entertainment shows that show you the same 18 second clips, 12 times in a half hour are spotlighting the candidates!  It truly has become a popularity contest! I guess its all good more people will vote! Perhaps the candidates can get some pop tips from our Dear Paris! (Gotta love Paris). She does all kinds of stuff and is still popular! She must be able to run a country! Hell, we already know her positions on things!  LOL 🙂 (only kidding my sweet “P”)

I had to come to grips on a personal issue today which I will share with my you friends here.  Summer is over Oscar. Put the short sleeves away. I was in a grocery store yesterday and froze my hiney off!  The temperature is dropping here in the NorthEast, and I hate it. Broke out the sweater today. Next thing you know I’ll have to stop going commando! LOL 

We are down in the Caribbean this week. I love the warm SUN!!!!

Hi – What can I get you?  A Mojito? Sure. The salad goes well with it!  Good!

Belinda sent me this funny picture – Thanks Sweetie!


 Well let me get back to work here.   


Have a great day – Thanks for Stopping by!




~ by Oscar on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Osc-Tober Fest”

  1. “Even people who never gave a poop are interested.”

    Yep. Thats me. I am soooo into this election.

  2. Meleah – U da bomb! Good for you!

  3. I love that pic of the pumpkins…

    Is something wrong with me that I’m not into politics and I’m totally dissatisfied w/ both candidates?

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