Another Month


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  How are you today? Today we have knackwurst for our lunch special, and Dollar Jagermeister shots! I’d say a nice combo! Get a nice pilsner, the lunch, and follow it with a shot!  That’ll make the day a bit better for ya!

What can I get you?  The works?  two of ’em – alright -a good start!

Happy October!  The first of the month was always kind of exciting. The new calendar page. Back before everybody became P.C. we’d never look at the next month’s “girly” calendar until the new month. Then BANG! Hi there honey! Like a new date. Now, not many people are making them, or appreciate the finer arts. But it’s still a change so, lets look at the next Lighthouse calendar page… Hmmm…Annisquam Light – Cape Ann in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Nice… look at that fresnel lens! Whoa, The height of focal plane is 45 feet! Yeah bay-bee!  Her fog signal: Two blasts every 60 seconds!  Man I want her on MY team! This hottie will flash you every 7.5 seconds if you wait for it! 

Oh well. We have to plan Oscar’s Osc-tober fest soon!  Lots of fun and stuff! Got any suggestions? A little celebration of someones German heritge.

OKSo nobody gave a $#it about the Tea’s Moms note. So here it is.

Seeing actress Tea Leone in that disaster movie, I asked, “What did the note that her mother wrote say?  Nobody knew the answer.  

Tea’s Mother could be called Mama.    (not yet?)

Mama Leone…..?

I put pictures of Billy Joel in the blogs……

Mama Leone left a note on the door……   (c’mon)

Sayin’ “Sonny move out to the country” 

Am I that whacked to think of that? I didn’t want you all to go crazy because working to hard can give you a heart attack ack ack ack ack ack. But You ought to know by now.

Yes, I’m back.   Been working on a project you will all learn about soon.

Hi What can I get you? A bud and the Knackwurst. Comin’ right up.

Well let me get back to business here. Have a great Weekend. We’re in the Caribbean next week!



~ by Oscar on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “Another Month”

  1. Yay. I love October!! And cant wait to hear about your exciting news on your secret project!

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