OCD and Box Wine


 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!   How are you today!  A little brisk today huh?  Well todays specials are Yellow Tail wines, white or red. Also, Charlene has some tasty Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Hot tomato soup!  That combo will warm you right up!

What can I get you ma’am?   The Lunch special and a Merlot?  Sure. That sounds good. Coming right up!

So Oscar is still “away” as Willy tells me. He hasn’t been here since before he went to PR. Willy spoke to him yesterday and he said for us to keep the place running. He’s ok. But nobody knows what he’s up to. Not like him thats for sure. He said for me to tell a story so here we go.

The OCD Bartender: By Lisa

About a year ago we needed a bartender for Sunday’s. Willy wanted to be home for Football games. So we hired this nice guy who seemed to be good for the job.  He started, and we noticed the first day all of the glasses were lined up perfectly. The handles on the frosted beer mugs in the freezer all faced the same way. Napkins were in even piles, drink fruits (olives, cherries, limes…etc) were perfectly filled and quantities matched.  We thought to ourselves, “Wow this guy is neat, and we can really keep track of these things. A few days went by and we started noticing the bar had to be replenished pretty often. Especially the booze. We compared the cash coming in versus the booze going out and it was low. We watched him serve drinks and they were actually a bit light. Where was the booze going? He hardly drank, so it wasn’t him. Well one day, one of our customers had an engagement party for his daughter. Many from the bar were invited.  O and I were watching this guy pour himself a drink from the make-shift bar. There were 3 boxes of wine. We watched him fill his glass, look at the second box, drink the glass, fill from the second glass, look at the third, drink the glass, pull from the 3rd, then drink it. This went on for a while and he got conditionally worse.  So back at the tavern, we watched him pour drinks. We noticed when he poured a shot, if he didn’t hit the rim just right he’d put the shot down , start another, and whichever was better poured, he’d use. Then toss the “bad” shot. Plus if the head didn’t foam up the same level on two beers, he’d try again. YIKES!  That was it!  The guy was going crazy! It got to be a game, but after a while O said we can’t afford the game anymore. We were betting on shot losses. It was pretty nuts. We had to let him go. Said we had to cut back. It was a shame because he was a nice guy. OCD is some thing else. Poor guy.

 A Philadelphia restaurant was ordered to pay Amber Carson of Lancaster, PA, $113,500.00 after she slipped on a spilled soft drink and broke her coccyx. The beverage was on the floor because Ms. Carson threw it at her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier during an argument.

What can I get you  a Bud and the lunch special? Cool. No, he’s not back yet.

Well. I ne?ver realized how busy it gets here so let me go. Will l just heard from O and says he said he’s “Conditionally Satisfactory”.  Whatever that means.


 Willy says O sent these 2 pictures.   

Well have a great day and thanks for coming by!




~ by Oscar on September 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “OCD and Box Wine”

  1. you cant PAY me to drink BOX wine…. YUCK!

  2. Quite the interesting tale on OCD Oscar. 🙂
    You always find the gets google images to go with your stories.

  3. wow. that’s exactly how i got my chocolate addiction.

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