An Put de Pickles on Jour Eyes!


Welcome to the Famous Oscar’s Tavern! Featuring your Host, Oscar!!!!  (applause)

Huh?  Oh Hi, Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern! How are you today? I was daydreaming….  Todays specials are Foolish Monkeys”” and our beautiful Charlene has cooked us up some real tasty cuban sandwiches for us today.  She says she was feeling…”Key West-like”  Oh and we got a new pretzel machine today, for those who just want a nibble.

What can I get you two?  2 Foolish Monkeys and 2 lunch specials!  You got it! Be careful they’re powerful!

How many of you out there daydream? You? You? and You? Yes, you too, and you, you girls, you too, you 2008 Shelby GT Vert Smalltroops, you fellas, and even you too! Wow!  I guess everyone does.  Ever have it when it takes you over? A lot of people I know have been there.  I live there. I’m always daydreaming.  And I’m not looking for millions of dollars, or Porsche’s or even that 08 Shelby GT Convertible I’d love to have. I just daydream of a simple happy life. Isn’t that what we all want? We have so much drama and stress these days, its hard to breathe sometimes.  Now it would be nice to have a simple life with sustainable means. And maybe for me the woman of my “daydreams”, and that Shelby sure would be nice to drive to the beach…..  More to come.

I did pretty well this year in the suntan department. I just sat on the pool deck a few Sundays and the trip to OBX was good. But believe it or not, I did better, getting less sun. I sunned (is that a word?) for a while then covered up, small doses. I never like putting that coconut smelly crap on. I did use Neutrogena spf40 on my nose and forehead. But that was it. Oh and on my feet. I burnt so much one summer I had to wear socks on the beach!  That was pretty.  I was telling my friend in Puerto Rico about my sucess in tanning and he said, you can do that here in one day. “Just go in and out, and ju put the pickles on jour eyes”.  Maybe if I get time next trip, I’ll refresh my color.  

A neutron walks into a bar. “I’d like a beer” he says.
The bartender promptly serves up a beer.
“How much will that be?” asks the neutron.
“For you?” replies the bartender, “no charge”

Hi, what can I get you my dear?  Don’t know, well try our special , the Foolish Monkey!  You will? Coming right up!

Been a busy week. Went out last night with the boys and had some Blue Label Scotch. Boy oh boy that stuff is smooth. Over a hundred bucks a bottle. Woke up a little “fuzzy” but it was worth it. Ever try it?  We don’t stock it here because we’d have to charge $25 bucks a glass. But if you’re nice. I’ll let you try some of my private stash. But don’t tell anyone!


Well let me go. Gotta fillsome glasses here.  Thanks for coming by!

Shouts to Holly! She has a fun blog!



~ by Oscar on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “An Put de Pickles on Jour Eyes!”

  1. Pickels on the eyes? LOL Too funny.
    I dream a lot too Oscar. Sometimes i wonder if any of them will come true…I hope yours do.

  2. hey thanks for the shouts! that makes my day!!!

    and oh baby i love that car. i LOVE that car!!!

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