You Can’t Have Stupid Without People


 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you doing? I’m Oscar, your bartender for the day. Our drink special today is Bloody Mary’s and Sweet Charlene has some delicious Green Eggs and Ham for you if you’re hungry!

What can I get you?   Green Eggs and Ham and a Bloody Mary! comin’ Up!

  I was listening to an interview with Gallagher, the comedian that likes to smash stuff. He was pretty funny. Besides his antics with his “Sledge-O-Matic” he has a funny view of the world. They were talking about how uninformed people are and he said “You can’t have Stupid without people”.  I though, Wow, good point!  I read a blog the other day where this woman wrote some comments regarding her political views on the upcoming election. Not defacing any party, just supporting her thoughts. She spoke in one section about whats happened to people. Click on Gallagher to go to her post.  I know a lot of people who are feeling the same way. I guess this election and its importance has us all thinking for once. Problem is us thinkers are realizing how much people these days don’t.  I heard someone refer to Obama as the “Rock Star” candidate. What the hell is that? He should be judged on his positions and ideas, not his celebrity status. This has totally become a popularity contest. And while I’m at it, I’m tired of Hollywood and the Music industry telling us who we shold vote for. They are no more educated than most of us. I love Sheryl Crow music, but I’m turned off lately to her because of the political stuff she’s into now. The sheep listen to Britney say she’s for a candidate, and we vote for them. What IS happening to people here?? Are people watching “Extra and Entertainment Tonight” instead of the news? Or at least watch the news at this time.  Or better yet, there’s always Law and Order reruns on.  LOL       <O>

Ok whew, I’m done spouting. I just don’t understand anymore.


Hey on a previous post I talked about the Swiffer commercial. Here it is!  CLICK HERE!

 Oh and we got this tutorial sent in: Click Here!





Well let me get back to the bar….






~ by Oscar on September 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “You Can’t Have Stupid Without People”

  1. been too long…like me a spicy bloody mary though

  2. I heart Gallagher, but I love me some Swiffer Products even more!

  3. I thought I did my reply last night! I guess I never submitted it!

    I was going to say that I totally LOVE the Swiffer commercial. I’m glad you found it to share! LOL! Too damn funny!

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