No Gnu’s is Good Gnu’s


Hello there! Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  How are you today? Boy we have some specials today! First we have a fitting drink, a Hurricane, and Charlene’s got a yummy dish for you, its freshly made Sloppy Joes!    MMMmm MMMmmm!  

 You might say a tasty dish from a tasty dish! And boy is she looking tasty today! WOW! I am truly overwhelmed, she is stunning! She must be a parking ticket today because she has “Fine” written all over her.  🙂

What can I get you? A hurricane and a Sloppy Joe! You got it!

Ok, So I was in the grocery store last night and was approaching the deli counter. A woman took a ticket just before me and 2 pulled out.  She gave me the next ticket. #47 It was 39 so we had time to wait.  We watched the few deli people serving other customers and noticed this real slow creepy looking one. Both hoping we wouldn’t get him. Well the number was coming up and she got the mystery meat guy. Not being in a hurry and only needing 1 item, I said, “If you’re nice I’ll give you my number”. She smiled and told the guy what she needed and said:

” What?”

“Oh, its too late”

“For what?”

“to give you my number”

“You want to give me your number?”

“Well I was…”

“I don’t have a pen, wait”


“To write it down”

“Why write it down, here take it” –   I handed her my ticket. 


Today someone said “No news is Good news“. Always a true statement, so I decided to answer, “What, you have a problem with Gnu’s ?  Well this spawned a conversation about Gnu’s. What the hell are they anyway? So I Googled Gnu and got some software stuff. Puzzled I asked Tea-Girl if I was spelling it right. She said to Google it. I said I did! She Googled “Animal Gnu” and sure enough we got Gnu’s. At which time she stated something regarding youth and knowledge. 🙂   I have given her permission to call me gramps. Anyway, I stumbled on this site which had info about Gnu’s called “GnuWorld”. Well in the site is a song witten about Gnu’s. I cut and pasted the lyrics and sent them to Miss Smartypants and said “Can you believe there’s a song about Gnu’s? And it’s copyrighted!!! ”  LOL

 She amazingly replied with this: CLICK HERE   I think this is the beginning of a cult favorite! Share it with your friends!  I think we should make this guy an Icon!  Can you imagine him flocking with the likes of P-Diddy, Christina Agulerra, and the other pop stars?  Now touring with Metallica….

Charlene is exceptionally stunning  today.  Gotta Love her.

So how about that Sarah Palin!  Well I recieved a photo via email of her and McCain. It was a profile of John, and a photoshopped topless woman with Sarah’s head.  Every sicko is having a field day with this poor woman.  We run a clean site here, but if you’re curious, click her picture.



 Well I gotta get some drinks to folks and Charlene’s ringing the bell.  Have a nice weekend!

Well? Have you figured out What Tea’s mom wrote?      

Free lunch on Oscar, LOL




~ by Oscar on September 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “No Gnu’s is Good Gnu’s”

  1. Well, you know how I feel about Sara Palin. and No News is Good News, but now I am off to research Gnus!

  2. OMG…the Gnu song has got me rolling on the floor. A cult favorite? I’m not so sure about that! ahahaha LOL

    The Delo counter story also made me chuckle!! 🙂

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