Pretty Yellow Flower


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern! 

How are you today? Sit down! What can I get you? Todays special is yummy chicken fingers with fries, cooked up by our sweet Charlene! Wash it down with a couple of Bud’s or taste the wine I brought in for someone special! La Flor, Its a Malbec. Very tasty!

“Oh, you’d like the special? Sure. Yes, the Malbec is very good, a dear friend recommended it!”

So its the first day back at the Tavern.  Well first full day for me. Boy I’m missing the beach!  While we were there, we visited the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.   I have been coming here every summer for over 22 years. I climb it and stare off into the distance looking for answers….. This year I think I got some, and saw a few of your houses too!  LOL  🙂  It’s a real nice place.  I learned more about its history and how its run today.  Nice tour and views. 

I did a lot of Soul searching this trip besides hanging with all of the crew. Some quiet time to think about things that are important to me. Flapjack Steve and I shared a lot of conversation about  life while fishing. Didn’t catch any fish, only  buzzes from the beers, and Mike’s Hard Lemonades he throws down.  He says he has many, then has a conversation with god.  What better place than the tranquility of the beach and ocean. 

Here are some more pictures:


  Off Road Area from the Dunes   


A view from one of the decks.

From the top of the lighthouse.

The old outhouse with Oscars ghost in it. Note: its a two seater!  “ew”

 ~ ~ <(OT)> ~ ~

 The tavern has been busy today especially being back and having to restock, order stuff and get back into the swing of things. But a great day bumping into a Sweet lady and having a nice lunch with a Pretty Yellow Flower.  It was a real nice time with a great friend.      Thanks Sweetie!

 ~ ~ <(OT)> ~ ~

                                                                                                                                                                        I I had to share these shoes with you, they belong to a friend of mine. They are worth hundreds of dollars.  Slingbacks she calls them. Says’s they’re real comfortable. See the bright RED soles! Nice shoes!




Boy its warm today here, in the 90’s. spoke to Betty earlier on the beach. She’s having a great time. Will be looking forward to her photos!  I’m still high on the beach and something else. But hey, it’s September already! My lord where did the Summer go!!!


Another glass of la flor, madame?  Sure.   Hi sir, what can I get you? A bud and some fingers!   Comin right up!

Wow the elections are really heating up!  Look at what I found already!


















Let me go – lots of stuff to do today






~ by Oscar on September 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pretty Yellow Flower”

  1. Its hard to get back in the groove when you return from vacation! Soul Searching is essential, and exhausting!

  2. so somebody recommended Malbec wine to you from Argentina…divine! There is a band I know of named after that wine. I’ve seen them play and they are pretty good too.

  3. hope you have a great weekened. LOVE that picture of Sara Palin

  4. OMG…NO YOU DID NOT post a photo of my feet at the beach! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t stop laughing. I just can’t stop cracking up. Tears are coming down my face. HAHAHA.

    That other photo of Sara P is hysterical. Nice photoshopping job from someone out there.

    Pretty Yellow flower…….

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