Post Vacation Blues, and Limes


HELLO THERE MY FRIENDS!    Drinks are on the house today!  We’re all back from our NC Beach house week and ready to serve you!   Ok, we wish we were still there, but fishing won’t pay the bills.  Todays Lunch Special are Chili Dogs. Wash ’em down with a cool Corona.  The Official beer of the Beach Week. 

What can I get you?        I’m having 2 of Charlene’s (boy I missed her) chili Dogs and a Corona. Plus a shot of that Margaritaville Tequila we enjoyed.  – Huh?  Oh yes, I’m not behind the bar today. I’m sittin.  LOL  Willy is back there so I can knock down a few with Lisa and Vinnie, and this woman we found on the way.

So here we are back at the Tavern. As much as we enjoy vacation it seems you feel good when you get home.  haven’t figured out why yet, but hey.  I’m not thinking today. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”  They say, so I use mine sparingly. 🙂   The trip was fun. We all relaxed a lot and parked our butts on the off-road beach. We’d load up my sisters SUV and my truck and drive right on the beach.  You can see “Camp Oscar” on the beach.  That’s Flapjack Steve there in the white shirt. We just throw the stuff in when we’re tired and drive back to the shack. Leave it all in there for the next day. Except the coolers. They usually need a recharge!  During this week I’ll share more pictures and stories about the week. Betty is there this week so we hope for remote reports!  LOL     The picture of the Sunset Grill is a place where I recommend you go and enjoy if you’re down there.  Great view and food, and drinks. Actually spoke to the bartender there and she taught me a new drink we’ll have as a special! They have great seafood dishes and other American fare. Fun place. Gonna take Charlene there one day if I can pry her from the tavern.

Had a couple of cloudy days as the hurricane season is in full swing. We had a pool table, hot tub and a pool at the shack so we kept ourselves busy. Full fridge and bar, some playing cards.  It was all good.  TV only came on to  see the weather forecast and some episodes of late night Law and Order.

Lisa got a bit sunburnt. I was cool this year. Did good. Vinnie found some girl from Staten Island there. Go figure. He was hardly around from that point on. kept taking the lantern, some wine coolers and blankets out each night……

Well this has been too much work today so I’m gonna go back and belly up. Can’t waste precious vacation time. I’m behind the bar first thing tomorrow.

Hope all of you had a Great Labor Day and are STILL enjoyingthe Summer!     Cheer’s mi amigo’s!




psst ( Lisa here.  All O did the whole trip was talk about his ladies at the bar, augh! especially after a few Tequilas)


~ by Oscar on September 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Post Vacation Blues, and Limes”

  1. Man…That sure looks like it was a LOT of fun.

    (I need to get away AGAIN. And soon. Too bad YOU cant fish to pay the bills and too bad I cant write / blog to pay my bills.)



    I missed you!
    Glad to have you back in my blog world!


  2. Meleah – Gotta catch a LOT of fish! LOL You keep writing – I’m sure your “book” will be great!

    Missed U too! – One of our best customers!

    Drinks on the house for Meleah all the time!

    XXOOSS Back at ya!

  3. I didn’t realize you had a couple stinky days there. I’m glad overall it was a good trip though. Seems like you had a great time. I’m bummed big time about going back to work tomorrow. I have the Sunday blues big time!

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