Day 1 at the Beach

Well it was a long ride but fun.  Country music down here so we were hootin’ and a hollerin’ on the way down.

  Here’s Oscars’s Retreat!    Just getting in.   Looking forward to a good week of fun, We’ll see.   Drinks tonight will be just beers and wine. Too tired for fancy stuff today after a long drive. We’ll be sitting on the deck thinking of y’all tonight.

Beach day tomorrow! 

Thinking of you all,

O, W V and L.   ( and a cast of others)

  Wish you were here……   Next time.



~ by Oscar on August 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Day 1 at the Beach”

  1. seething with jealousy.

  2. Meleah – next year all the regulars will be invited. Will put together a Kodak gallery for all to see!

    O, W, V, L and guests

  3. photos please…full disclosure

  4. I hope you’re having a great ol time! My house is closer to the beach than yours! LOL! Your’s looks very very nice! Thanks for stopping by mine to check it out for me. You’re so good to me!

  5. looks absolutely WONderful — I’m green even though my friends call me Blue.

    keep sending the pictures!

  6. its my job Betty – just my job. LOL

    Doxie you look good in any color

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