Gone fishin’

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today! Specials are Grey Goose Vodka drinks and The lunch is Tuna Salad Wraps!  MMMmmm!   I think I want one myself!


What can I get you?   A Vodka and tonic?  sure, and the Tuna – yes!

So here we are, the day before the big Beach House Trip!  I haven’t even started packing. Need to get the ol’ fishing rods all tuned up, beach stuff, and the truck all loaded up. Just dumped a load of cash on new tires. Can’t get stuck in the sand now can we.  I don’t bring much clothing. Just a few pair of shorts, a pair of slacks ( in case we go somewhere fancy) and a few suits, tee shirts. I just wash it all there. I travel light. Spend 90% of the time in a swim suit. May pack the old 6 string if i have room,

A lot of us regulars will be along so the next week of Fine Publication will be light. Don’t want to get sand and bait smell in the keyboard.  The tavern is and will be open.  C’mon by. We’ll post pictures as we take them. Share the experiance.  We may have Betty fill in.

All of you regulars – drinks are on me for the week.

More later from the beach!  

All my Ex’s live in Texas.

Love you all!

Hopefully some fresh fish dishes for the wonderful Charlene to fix up for us. (don’t worry doll, I’ll clean ’em) 

Oscar, Willy, Vinnie. Lisa and the rest of us!

You folk who know how to communicate.   we’ll chat.

One of our regulars will be here…. Hmmmmmmmmmm……………………….


~ by Oscar on August 22, 2008.

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