Blue Skies


 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!   Its a Monday! Hoo Boy!   How are you?  Todays specials are some tasty BLT’s that Charlene is fixin’ up, and some real good White Sangria! Charlene had it made up by her buddy Lilly! So I know its gonna be delicious!

What can I get ya?      A BLT and the sangria?  Good choice!  and you sir?  The BLT and a Bud. You got it! Where ya from?  Sarasota, Florida? Hoo! Good thing you’re up here. Hope you put your lawn furniture away before you came up!

Well I was on the Isla del Encanto this past couple days on business again. Not as nice weather as last time as that storm thats gonna be hitting the Florida keys was brewing there. Guess its good it happening now with my NC vacation house party being NEXT week. Whew!

My iPod is almost a part of me like the MAC is to our friend Meleah. It’s my soundtrack to life. I’ll put it on for hours when I can. When I fly, it’s on from take-off to landing. I watch the movie with music instead of the audio. It has what I want to hear when I want to hear it. Ever hear of a singer named Patty Griffin?  To me she is a very under-rated artist. I think a while ago there was a song named “One Big Love” that made the local radio for a small spell. She put out a collection (I say album, but then they pick on me) called “Flaming Red”.  I heard One Big Love and picked up the CD, and found a treasure chest of great songs. One I have in mind is “Blue Sky”, OK, It’s on my iPod right now as I’m somewhere over the Atlantic heading to the Island again for “business”. Anyway, the song is really good. It’s a rocker, with a good beat. The lyrics are awesome. I can relate to them….

Blue Sky –   Click on her picture for a live version. 

The farther I come the farther I fall
Whatever I knew it was nothing at all
Nothing at all, just making me small
Smaller and smaller
I fall back

Sooner or later with a view from the ground
Chasing the race and the races run you down
Sooner or later with a view from the ground
And a tear in your eye
You say baby why can’t we fly
Into the blue sky
Into the blue sky

Be my singing lesson
Be my song
When I tell you I’m falling
You tell me I’m strong
You say trees have grown tall
birds have flown high
Higher and higher
Goodbye goodbye goodbye
I’ll fly over a rainbow
I’ll be sun kissed
Sail around the planet Venus
And send a long letter
Way back home
That says all that I know
All that I know is the blue sky
High in the blue sky

The farther I come the farther I fall
Whatever I knew it was nothing at all
Trees have grown tall, birds have flown high
Higher and higher
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Its a neat song.  The rest of the CD is good too!  Well thats my “Artist Spotlight ” for today

 I took this picture with my cell phone yesterday.  Can you tell me where it is?  Was with a friend looking at condos. Lots of real nice places. We went to a few. Each more than the other. $600k +.  By the time you figure mortgage, taxes, condo fee, etc. >2k a month. Well the tavern isn’t making that kind of cash, but my friend does well. Says I’ll have a key. So while we were out we stopped at a resturant and had a nice dinner. I had to “relieve” myself and went to the restroom. Well you always seem to focus on the music playing at those times. I started laughing, but was kinda horrified.  Zanfir playing the theme from Titanic. AUGH! It was horrendous! You know Zanfir, nobody has his CD’s, but you’ve seen the late night ads for his pan flute music.  LOL  Augh, its certainly not MY cup of tea.  It was so corny.  I think if the actors in the Titanic movie heard it, instead of saying “I’m on top of the world”, they’d have said, “I’m leaving this world!” and would have leaped into the ocean. LOL  Its almost as bad as Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme singing “Black Hole Sun”.  If you have a good stomach – click here.  What are these people thinking???

Hi – What can I get you? a gin and tonic, Sure.  Wanna try the BLT?  Great!

Hey Betty!  Relaxation is around the bend!

Waiting for Always to come through….

Howdy Texas!   

Check out Meleah’s video – click her name above.

Belinda Belinda Belinda…

Jeannie who?  😦

Happy Birthday      Perpetualsinglelife! fun blog!

Willy had everyone comment about me previous post. OK you guys…..

Kenny Chesney is on the jukebox.   No shoes, no shirt, no problem……   Nice! eh Charlene!

 Hang on paradise, We’re coming!

Hi what can I get you?  A White sangria?  Great! Coming right up! Lilly’s Luscious Lite Libation!!



~ by Oscar on August 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blue Skies”

  1. I love All Things Apple. They have the best products and the best service as well.

    What did we all do before the iPod!!

    Those lyrics totally rule!

  2. Oh now I get the Titanic reference! LOL The full story found here!

    Betty needs paradise soon! Calgon take me away!

    I love my ipod…i carry it in my purse everyday.

    I agree – good lyrics. Would I like her or is more of B.P. that I scoffed at? LOL

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