Same ol’ Same ol’


Hi!  Welcome to Oscar’s!  How the hell are ya! My name’s Willy, Oscar is traveling again.  Drink Special today is Abosolute. Anything you want in Vodka, you’re good to go. Oscar’s buddy Charlene is cooking up something real good today. Open faced hot turkey sandwiches with french fries!


Boy you think a guy who travels so much would just sell this place and not worry about it. But he says this is his second home. He has a nice place in the country, swimming pool and all that. But he comes to this little place every day.  I think he likes the people. The regulars who come around. He likes meeting new people and usually ends up friends with everyone he meets. Its a good gig. He says he got sick of the corporate thing and just decided to take a menial no stress job. Well I don’t know about the non stress part, but he does seem a lot happier here than when he was a corporate number. Guess thats what we all need to do eventually. Get yourself established while you’re young and stupid. Pile up your chips and hold on to them. Then when you can, put them to use and make your life more the way you REALLY want it. Huh?  Hell I’ve been here at this place for over 30 years.  When Oscey bought it in 2001, he said I was a fixture and should stay here with him. He pays me well.  The few of us regular pourers been doing this stuff for years. He cleaned this hell hole up a lot. Tryin’ to make it an Irish caribbean place.  LOL  Good Luck. I think once he settles down he’ll open up Oscars Getaway somewhere down there. He keeps talking about it. Charlene says she’s on board.  Lot’s of folk think him and her are a pair. But they tell me they’re just “best buddies”. Whatever that means.

Here at the Tavern there’s a whole lot more than drinking going on. Oh no, Just funny. Well a lot more than I expected from a small town bar, oh. “tavern” as Oscars says we have to say, I’ve hear him say “gin mill” though, he’s old school in a way. He doesn’t like to hear anyone swear. I started recently and love all the folks here. It’s not your average watering hole. It’s just as he says, “life amongst humans”.  Charlene has her hands full with these guys. Oscar says she’s the Queen of the ba-, Tavern, and what she says, goes. He has a lot of respect for her. I’d swear they are a thing, but they both say they are “best buddies”, whatever that means. I heard Oscar say once she’s his “Honky-Tonk Angel”.  We’re all writing stuff while he’s away.  LOL  I hope he doesn’t mind. Willy says say anything we want – he won’t care.   J Luv Ya O! 🙂  Lisa.


  Yo, Vinny here. How ya doin?  Freakin’ Oscey is traveling again, jeeeese,  I have to fill in some time this weekend for him. Hey, not for nuthin’, but man , it’s good to be the King huh? I don’t mind though. He bailed me out of jail once on a possession charge. Saved my as.. Hiney. Nobody would hire me but Oscar says, c’mon, work for me. WORK for me. Willy says we can say what ever we want so what the f*ck. So like Leena, this babe from downtown comes in last night and starts getting all rowdy and s#it. She’s got this guy hangin off of her and she’ thinks she’s all that. Starts mouthin’ off to the regulars. Now O says regulars are gold. Keeps us all alive. And she’s makin’ fun of the country stuff O has on the jukebox. So I gotta shut this babe up and stop the BS. So I say to her “flavor of the week” , yo dude, get your woman under control or I’ll shut you down. He’s like.. hey man , let the woman do what she wants. She starts telling me I suck, and all that kind of happy horses#it and I’m getting P.O’d. O don’t like cops called, so I  say, “Leena, honey, phone!”  She gets on, and its Willy. (I called Willy, he knows her family) next thing you know she’s all nicey-nice. Pays her tab and leaves. (just so you know, O , You may owe him one) Man, what a mess.  But if that’s the worst I’ve seen its ok. Ya know? Once there was a fight at the pool table. It was like late afternoon and O was tired. Willy just comes in and is pouring him a schmitty. Some dudes were like havin it out. “You MF cheated” and so on. They start swinging sticks. O goes over and says, “Guys, drinks are on me, what can I get ya?” They look at him like WTF?  Willy backs O up, “Billy, what ya want?” Now they’re Bud drinkers, but they gotta be fancy when its OTH. (on the house) .  They order “Irish Car bombs” and follow O to the bar. I was like , WTF?   O says, “just steer them somewhere else, ask them if they lost their keys, did they lose their wallet”. Catch them off guard. These guys are friends, they’ll solve it.  He says he learned all that crap from corporate stuff. LOL This is what keeps me here. What’s gonna happen next. O has a picture of Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse on the wall. Says he watches over the Tavern.  Oh by the way, I found out that Willy put Leena’s fiancé on the phone that night!  LOL


Oscar sent this for the blog today:


I’m so tired of diners or restaurants like Johnny Rockets trying to be “baby boomer” savy. You stop in for a quick bite to eat and are surrounded by these leftover car freaks or just lost in the era jerks are hanging out like its damned “Happy Days”. Hey man, look at my Nova with Cregar rims. Get a life! They force 50’s and 60’s music on you. Its good but I don’t come here to listen to JUST THAT.  Or even movie soundtracks. STOP the 50’s and 60’s genre for crying out loud. How many movies have you heard the same 60’s songs in?   Hollywoood! We’re past that!!!!  STOP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are a generation of change and are doing fine. The Fonz is now a lame character in a sitcom that had a short life. He’ll be a star on Lifetime network soon. Acting as an abusive wife beating, sodomizing, kid touching, money laundering male stock broker –  Opie (Ritchie Cunningham) is bald. And doesn’t give a rats patoot about the fifties anymore. Deal with it.   What’s next? 70’s and 80 resturants?  “Big Hairs”,  “Saturday Night Fever’s”, “Tainted Love’s House of waffles”, “Whitesnake Café’?”.  You sit in a car and have scantily clad waitresses slither up the hood and serve you? (wait……no) Park in layers and sit on plastic furniture listening to bad English pop and hair bands. Hey, baby pass me the maple syrup, as you hear Boy George. Dudes, Its not your turn. I hope I’m dead then. I’ll be that angry ol’coot with the walker you make fun of.  How many “40’s” establishments do you know of that your grandparents or even parents would enjoy? What major company is sprouting chain resturants for their generation? Hmmm. None. Their culture is gone. Sad, and lost because there’s no profit.  “Sorry Grandpa, how about some White Zombie Flambe for ya”.  Yet we’ll go visit them because we love them and not acknowledge what was their world, because we are too busy with ours. 





 My point precisely.  See you all next week. Willy is in charge.

 O says he’s waiting for his beach pictures.

 Have a great weekend!   Stop by for a couple.  




~ by Oscar on August 15, 2008.

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