Roughing It

Todays Special

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  Nice day out huh? Well today we have straight from Ireland, Smithwicks Ale, “schmiddicks” as us regulars call it. And Charlene is back and has some tasty hot ham and cheese sandwiches for us today!  We missed her! 

 What can I get you? S Schmiddicks and the sandwich!  Sure, Its tasty!

Click on me!

Well its still summer and a lot of people enjoy camping. Charlene was out camping this past weekend. It rained but she says she still had a good time. Now I’m not much of a camper. Not that I don’t enjoy it, I would rather do other things. I’ve been camping 3 times in my life. Once in a pop up trailer, which gave me claustrophobia and the other two in a tent with my son in the scouts.  I froze my tail off in the tent because I didn’t know jack about camping and had no mat in the tent. So my exposures to camping were not that favorable. Camping to me is a cheap hotel. That’s a wilderness. More scary stuff in some of those places than bears, or racoons rummaging through your food. Especially cheap hotels. You don’t know if they changes the sheets, or really sanitized the bathroom.   Now I’m not saying camping isn’t good. I guess I need to experiance it again. Sitting around the camp fire, maybe drink a few beers, tell some funny stories. Preferably in a warm climate. Maybe by a lake, or even on the beach. Now thats more like me.   Guess I need my time to commune with nature, instead of skinny dipping in the pool. I DO enjoy the country. Getting out into the woods, or traveling a country road. Stopping in old general stores. Gotta make more time for myself. A subject we all need to address. Will have to put it on my “Things to Do” list. My friend Amber sent me these pictures from her camping trip recently. As you can see below, she stayed at “Motel 6” LOL


                         Motel 6                        Amber at the ol’ general store.

  Did you see Meleah’s video yet? She’s perty and the video is fun! Click the Apple! — 


 Hi What can I get you?   A gin and tonic? Sure!

   Who am I?  

Well let me get a move on here.  Lunch crowd is coming! 
Betty!   I think I forgot what you look like!   😦
Teagirl – What up!
Dixiegirl – You are you and thats beautiful!








~ by Oscar on August 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Roughing It”

  1. Camping? No Thank you.

    My idea of “camping” includes a 5 star hotel and running water!

  2. I agree with Meleah. I like to camp at the Hyatt.

  3. I like to camp in my own house…in my own room….in my king size own bed…that’s camping for me…I’ll hang up some sheets and make a fort. Yay!

    Hey, I forgot what you look like too? Where you the guy with the long brown hair…kinda sixties-ish looking ? If you forgot what i look like then invite me out to lunch (and you’re paying aahahah)!!

    I totally love the slinky reference…i have some things or people I’d like to push down the stairs to laugh at. I need a smile on my face!

  4. hmm…I dunno “Who Are You”? Who is she? hmm…

    my first camping trip with my husband consisted of “lighter fluid” infused hot dogs and sleeping in the back of the station wagon instead of in the tent because it was too cold. Total nightmare, but good memory. Been every year since and I always cook. 🙂

  5. PS; Thanks for adding my video to your blog post! You are wicked cool!!

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