Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!    How are we today? Todays special is Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with French Fries, The drink of the day,  Miller Lite.  What can I get you?  

The lunch special and a lite?  Great!   Its real good. Thats actually my favorite dish! 


 Well it was a crazy weekend. Crazy weather, crazy stuff. I had out of state company so that tied me up again.  Charlene was camping all weekend.    

Well for all of you following the dog story – They found it after over 24 hours of searching. But My daughter decided she couldn’t keep a dog that runs like that and gave it back to the original owner. They went and got another Chihuahua, to keep the other company.

I visited one of our regular friend Meleah’s Blog yesterday and enjoyed a neat video she made. Check it out!

 Click here to see her Blog! 

Is it me? Or am I just not getting all excited about the Olympics.  Haven’t even looked at them. I enjoy the Winter Olympics more, being a skiier.

Hi – what can I get you?   A bud? sure.

Anyway, our new bartender Lisa has been doing well. She’s a neat freak. Could use that around here. She uses up too many of the drink umbrella’s, and puts two slices of lime in the Corona’s. Guess thats ok.  She suggested we add snacks to happy hour.  She must have come from a hotel. LOL  🙂

Well pre-season football is here! lots of the guys are coming in for the games. Think I’m gonna get a wide screen for the corner.  Maybe Lisa’s idea of snacks. Will have to discuss it with the kitchen queen.  I enjoy watching the games on Sunday. A Giants fan I am. Thier Superbowl win was truly a thrill for me! Wonder why they have no..Cheerleaders….?

Hi – How are you? What can I get you?  A Mojito?  Sure.

My girlfriend came home the other night and told me to take off her blouse.
Then she told me to take off her skirt.
Then she told me not to wear her clothes anymore.     DOH!




Hi, what can I get you?  2 Schmiddicks!   You got it!

Well let me go.  Catch ya later!



~ by Oscar on August 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “A.D.D.”

  1. awww……….thanks for the link love!! xxoo

  2. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts

    Very Nice

    Thank You

    my first camping

  3. good joke there bar man!

  4. your joke cracked me up at the end.

    so sad about the doggy goin’ back. 😦

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