Good Things



Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!   How are you today!  Enjoying that hot summer weather we have lately? The A.C. is working well in here and the beer is cold!  How about a Bud? Its todays special drink along with the Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Platter! 

What can I get ya?    2 Buds and 2 beefs! Coming right up!

And you ma’am?  A merlot!  Excelente’ Capidemonte!*

Here at the Tavern we have all sorts of people stopping by. Yesterday afternoon a few men in blue stopped by after thier shift. We usually let them have a few on us. And they did. Boy I hope thay had rides home.  A friend of mine told me a story about how the chief of police in his town fell dead off a stool stoned drunk at the local bar.  Funny world huh?

 So I was thinking about good things today. “Good Things”  Like Hottie Martha Stewart! Something about her makes me want to be her boyfriend. Her, Me and some doileys!  Yeah baby! 

 I use that phrase a lot. When things are.. good. Well here are a few things that I’ve seen lately that I would classify as Good Things in no particular order:

  • A fridge full of beer.
  • A few children collecting shells on the beach.
  • No traffic on the freeway.
  • Our new bartender cleaning the chrome on the taps.
  • A woman taking photos of the beach for a friend.
  • Flowers blooming in a park, or in a pot in a tenament window.
  • A kid waxing his Honda in L.A.
  • A young Korean womans shoes
  • Almost ripe tomatoes in the garden.
  • I saw a pretty woman with a smile pushing a cart full of coolers.
  • A woman stepping out of a store with a 6 of Bud, climbing into her jeep with the top off.
  • A Law and Order I havn’t seen yet. (right Charlene?)
  • Your friend’s smiling face when you meet her at Applebees.
  • Belinda’s hair.
  • A family loaded up in thier mini-van heading to the beach.
  • Our new bartender getting dust off the shelf with the neon signs.
  • An E-mail from Texas.
  • Kids running through a sprinkler.
  • Jeannie

Guess I could go on forever. Thats Good. But then again I could find negatives for all the above, ie: Almost ripe tomatos in the garden – with squirell bites in them, or the woman with the coolers? – Medical stuff.  But lets be positive for the weekend shall we!

My daughter went and adopted a Shar Pei, which is a dog that is all wrinkley and is kinda funny looking if you ask me. Her and her family went to the adoption center, they picked it out, did all the paperwork and called me to tell me about it. I said take a picture with your cell. They said they would when they got it home. Well never sent that picture. This morning I learn when they opened the hatch to the car, the dog leaped out a ran away. They were up for hours looking for the poor thing. Still havn’t found it yet. I hope they find it.  They don’t even have a photo of it. I does have a “chip” in it so it can be identified. So if you’re in the Sarasota Florida area and you see a Shar Pei wandering around, let us know.  I’ll keep you posted. It’s name was “Paisley” – after Brad?

Hi what can I get you?  A bud, sure…

This morning before I came in I was sitting on my deck looking at the pool with a big cup of coffee.  Just taking in the early morning sun, listening to the birds, and a light wing blowing through the trees. My dog decided she wanted to play frisbee fetch. She doesn’t catch it, she waits for it to land, chases it. attacks it, snaps its neck and brings the fresh kill back to me. LOL  Thats why dogs shake things back and forth, to snap its neck. Did you know that? That poor “Kong” frisbee has >1000 lives. We did this about 4 times.  Then I went back to my quiet coffee break. Pool needs chlorine, remind me later.


Lot’s of remarks about Paris’s video – Gotta Love Paris.

Always sent us another drink recommendation! Thanks Honey!   She can be on my “tasting” team anytime!

(for some darned reason this editor won’t let me change colors of text. so sorry if I can’t “emphasize”)

– Whats that – another bud, sure, and you ma’am – the lunch special , you got it.

– Lisa, you’re in early….

Hey let me go, getting busy now. Have agood weekend!



* Excelente’ Capidemonte! a Jeannie reference. She always said that because it was , just fun.


~ by Oscar on August 8, 2008.

8 Responses to “Good Things”

  1. Oh that is so sad about the dog…I cannot imagine the little wrinkly guy running around Florida alone…aww on no. I hope someone finds it. That is just terrible.

    I need to start making lists of things that are good…hmmm…i can’t think of any right now.

    Ummm…and I have no comment about “hottie martha stewart” ummm yeah…i really don’t…well maybe except “strange” eeek.

    Capidemonte….My mom has a lot in her bookcase that used to be my Grandmothers…I always liked saying Capidemonte.

  2. No traffic on the freeway?? I would LOVE to see that one day!

    The Paris Video is terrific. I am not a FAN of her AT ALL, but her PR people are brillaint.

  3. Betty – Remind me to tell you a Martha story. LOL

    meleah – Like her or not – she has my vote. LOL Good to have good PR – Maybe thats what I need!

    TeaGirl – You didn’t comment!

  4. Quick update – the dog was found yesterday – but sent back to the owner.

  5. Yeah…Paris has my vote too. As much as that pains me to admit. I think I would like it if the White House was painted PINK

  6. We had a Shar Pei once…”wrinkles” such a great dog! So…a woman taking photos of a beach for a friend is a good thing huh? 🙂

  7. Always – Of Course!

  8. who’s the beach photog? LOL

    glad the doggie was found at least!

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