Paris in the Summertime




WELCOME MY FRIENDS!   Welcome to Oscars.  How are you today?  The specials today are Grilled Cheese sandwiches with tomato and bacon, with a side of cole slaw.  Drink special is St. Paulie Girl Beer!  Wash that yummy sandwich down with one!

What can I get you two?   A St. Paulie, and a Bud. Good!   Eats?   great!  2 Grilled Cheese, comin’ up!

 So when I do these posts,  I collect pictures from Google images. St. Paulie had some fun pictures, of course of the “Girl” Which I personally thouight highly of, but considering my audience I also placed what I’ll call the St. Paulie guy. (left)  He’s happy as hell as he just got a drink from the St. Pauile Girl, and probably drank all of the bottles she carried! Look at him! He’s happy!  And as Sheryl Crow sings, ” If it makes you happy, It can’t be that bad”.  Maybe we can get Charlene into one of these St. Paulie Girl outfits…    Hmmmm.  She’ll hit me. LOL

  OR    ?   = 

Gotta Love Paris!  Hilton that is…  Yeah, all of you Paris Hilton haters out there don’t like her attitude, her silly antics, her self centered-ness, delinquent behavior, but I think she’s great. No, she’s probably not the best role model for todays impressionable teens and young adults, but she KNOW’s what she’s doing. She’s working the crowd. All the media and fools who dance around her like she’s something special, made her that way. So I say what the hell, go for it honey! And…  She IS hot. Like she says.  The reason I brought her up is that I saw this video she did recently addressing the John McCain speech mentioning her. I saw a piece on the news, and went to their website to see all of it. And you know what – She’s making fun of herself and the whole election fiasco!      She has a free drink at Oscar’s anytime.   Click on her to see it! 

Our new bartender Lisa asked if she could contribute to the blog and we decided we’d let her “ghost” write something to try her out. We’re not going to tell you when she does and we told her not to say its her. See how good she does.  Already told her to stay away from Politics.  Today is the closest you’ll see from me.  LOL 

 All My Ex’s live in Texas……….  is playing on the jukebox here. We have a big selection of music in there.  Gotta please the patrons here, or they drink no beer…   No booze , no shoes.  What the hell am saying here…    

Hi what can I get you, the special and a Heineken? Coming up, and you miss?  Can I see ID?  Geeze you look like you’re a whole lot younger than 23!  God bless ya! 

I love doing that to the 30+ ladies… makes ’em come back for more. Hey this is a business. 

Well anyway, let me get back to tending, can’t be blabbering all day.  Try that special, You’ll love it.

Here come the boys in blue…





~ by Oscar on August 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Paris in the Summertime”

  1. oh oscar – you make me laugh. good topic today. you’re right about the paris hilton thing. so true. she was nobody & the media made he INTO something…. the st pauley gut is HOT HOT HOT with a captital H! YUMMO!!!!

  2. You had me fooled. I thought I looked under 21 when you carded me. That happens to me often when I order drinks…I am crushed.

  3. I wasn’t a FAN of Paris Hilton until she did her rebuttle video to the whole McCain thing.

    NOw, I digg her.

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