Life is Better When you have a Reason


Welcome to Oscars Tavern!  Drink Special today is Bombay Gin!  I can make you up a nice cool Gin and Tonic, or something. And the lunch special is pretty awesome today, Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Comes with a side of Macaroni Salad! Charlene is cooking her heart out back there for ya. She is the Queen of Oscars Tavern!

What can I get you today?   – Ah, a fresh gin and tonic, slice of lime. OOOHH! If I wasn’t back here I’d have one myself!  Oh, and the lunch, yes!   Best in town!

Hi.  Another nice Summer day!  Busy day at the Tavern today for some reason. Thats good. Charlene is pumping out those tasty sandwiches like crazy. She looks cute in that outfit she has on today. Hot pink top. Just like her Lunches, MMM MMM MMM!   LOL    I digress.

I was talking to my friend Stefanie today and said something silly like, Happy Day after Canadian Civic Holiday!  She replied it meant nothing to her. My answer was its a reason to enjoy a beer. (Yeah like I need one)  Bantor went back and forth and it was decided it is better when you have a reason.  Life is Better when you have a reason.  We can all have a picnic and spend time with friends and loved ones. That is good. But isn’t it even better when you can celebrate for a reason? Ie:

  • I finally finished tiling the bathroom day
  • I finally told off that jerk who is stalking me day. 
  • The cake baked flat, not lop sided day
  • I got to work earlier because the traffic light was broken day.
  • My old friend called From Dallas day.
  • Your sister finally decided feeding her kid chicken mcnuggets everyday was bad.
  • You didn’t get a letter from a bank offering you low rate credit card and you are approved! (which means you can apply, but not get accepted)
  • The dog didn’t poop on the carpet.
  • Someone loves you.

I could go on forever.  So a silly thing to think about is what today is about.  Tell your friends. For me, its Day after Canadian Civic Holiday – day.  A friend bought a new French Press in celebration. It is beautiful.  Silly – yes. But it supplies a silly thing to make you smile.  So its good for me. Gives you a reason/excuses to make your day better!  How about you? Tomorrow could be “9 Days till the anniversary of the Opening of the Panama Canal!”  Damn!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!  Whats you reason?

I’m still wanting to be out in the sun. I can’t focus in the Summertime. It is my favorite time of the year.  I love feeling the rays. My dermatologist doesn’t like it, but I do. 


Its been a week. *


Another Gin and Tonic? Sure. How was that sandwich? Ah yes isn’t it?  I’m gonna have her put one aside for later.  she IS the best.

Hi what can I get you?  A Bud? sure…

Belinda MMrrrrooowww’d at me yesterday  – it was a hoot!






Happy Tuesday!


~ by Oscar on August 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Life is Better When you have a Reason”

  1. Hmmm… what can today be for me???

    Okay, I came up with one…today is 26 days until I get to go on vacation day!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Hmm…do you count the day you leave in the equation? Or do you count just the day before. Hmmm..I always get confused on that one. If you don’t count the day you leave…today is 25 days…starting tomorrow…til I get to go on vacation!

    YAY!! LOL LOL LOL (I threw in some extra LOLs in honor of yesterday’s post)


  2. “its Day after Canadian Civic Holiday – day”


  3. Betty – I doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you get there.

    M – I’m checking your calendar. LOL

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