Endless Summer


 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern! C’mon in and sit down. Todays specials are Some delicious barbeque chicken with corn bread, and Michelob Ultra, to drop them carbs with. What can I get you?

A mick and the chick, you got it!

Man even the best jobs don’t beat  a beautiful summer day. I don’t care what you do. It all is just nice on a summer day. Especially Monday. The hardest day to deal with. That is unless

 you don’t like weekends. Or Monday is your day off. Anyway, Summer doesn’t seem to be long enough here at Oscars. Gotta move this place towards the equator one day.

So its Jeannie’s birthday and I didn’t know what to do, after our spat. If I crumble, it meant nothing, and I’m admitting to be wrong , which I’m not. But that little bit of love still burried deep inside is screaming shower her with gifts and love. Thanks Charlene for helping me stay strong. I ended up sending a Happy Birthday text. which she immediately responded: ” Thank You! :)”     Aw…     But I did no more than that.   This is hard. Right Belinda?

Belinda was in the bar today, looking damned sexy. Tried to get het to have a few with me but she was tied up. Some luck today huh?  Just as well, I’m busy as hell today.

My cousin from LA texted me last night with a picture of the hollywood bowl. It said. ” Greetings from the Hollywood Bowl” Forgetting she told me already, I replied, ” Who you seeing, and did you bring wine?”, She said UB40 (big fan she is) and yes of course. Then came back with, “forgot the gunga..  LOL”. So I said back, ” with that crowd it shouldn’t be hard to score…LOL”  , a few minutes later she responded that her neighbor there invited them to imbibe.  Goes to show ya.  I know its there and I’m here. What does that say?  And isn’t it funny how much we use “LOL” when we text,  We use it like crazy, but when we talk face to face, we don’t laugh as much. What is it? ((LOL)LOL) <- Note proper use of brackets. Guess its a filler like “um”.  Ever listen to how many people use “um”?  Just for kicks, count them to yourself one time, You’ll LOL. 

Hey a good friend sent me this photo while I was working…. Know where this is?





Well I have to get this place ready for the afternoon shift. Our new girl is starting today. be nice to her.

OOhhh Soundgarden is playing on the Juke box!






~ by Oscar on August 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Endless Summer”

  1. That chicken sure looks yummy, but hold the drink…had enough this weekend.

    Glad you acknowledged J’s b day.

  2. The TiKi Bar?? At the Jersey Shore? Man…I haven’t been there in YEARS. I think I might need to make one trip there before the summer is over.

  3. Sorry Oscar about not being able to go out yesterday…Next time we’ll have a few.

  4. Always – Acknowledgement is my job. (LOL)

    Meleah – Yup! I’m due too!

    Belinda – NP honey. Another time.

  5. Ahhh Tiki…yes a nice drink w/ an umbrella there would be very nice. 🙂

    Well 1 birhday text was okay because “you’re friends” and then stopping there was very tough of you. Good job Osc-y.

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