The Mile Hi Club


Hi – Welcome to Oscars Tavern! Drink special today is Mojito’s!  By popular demand. And Charlene says the lunch special is Liver and Onions. Well thats what she said. So thats whats on the menu. I’ve never tried it.

Sometimes I write stuff ahead of time when I get the thought.  I had planned for today, but I’m pre-empting.  I flew home last night from the Caribbean. On the flight in 1st class I met a very interesting woman. Her name is Carmen Laboy.  She was in 3E, I in 3F (window).  When the flight attendant asked what we would like to drink. she replied a red wine please, I said me too.  We talked about red wine and our fondness for it. She spoke of how she performed at a vineyard in France at a posh celebration. I asked her what she played and she said Baritone sax. She told me all about her family and her love for music. I very much enjoyed her conversation. We talked about people. She is dating a gentleman in Philadelphia, who she seems very fond of. I had my laptop with me and showed my people. An odd thing happened. I clicked on one woman and it came up. she said how pretty she was, nice blond hair, etc. Then when I clicked on another woman, it didn’t work. I went nuts double clicking on all of my friends and it only worked for the one woman. she asked me, “Is she your favorite”, I said “she is”.  she said. its funny you can only open her and not the others, she’s the one for you. It was really weird.  Today it works. Go figure.  Oh, and we did drink a LOT of wine together during our discourse. Well anyway I wanted to share that with you. You never know who’ll you meet a “mile high”.  Here’s stuff about her.  

  Carmen Laboy has been the Instrumental Music Director at Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx, New York City for 20 years. She has served as Associate Director of New York’s All-City Marching Band, conducting for such activities as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Yankee Championship Tickertape Parade. She also organized the band program for the Saturday Academy of the Arts in the Bronx, and the Bronx All-American High School Band.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Carmen received her bachelor’s degree in music there, at the Interamerican University in San German. She also studied at the Vienna International Music Center, and received a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Lehman College in the Bronx. A professional saxophone player by age 16, Carmen continues to freelance with Latin bands in New York and around the world. She has performed with the Tito Puente Orchestra, Tito Puente, Jr., the Machito Orchestra, and many others.   And a very sweet woman if I may add.   Gracias por hablar conmingo! Agradesco nuestra conversacion!

Mojitos today are for Almalee. I knew/know her from a job. We keep in touch and have lunch together when we ca, She’s a sweet woman. Very fun to hang with. when I first met her I admired her collection fo pumps. she has a matching pair for every outfit. Very lady-like. Almalee must have a thousand pairs of shoes. I gave her a bouquet of shoe photos on sticks in a vase full of marbles, when I first realized we’d be cool friends. She liked it. Anyway, she’s pretty too!. She’s mysterious in a way that makes her very interesting. I think she thinks I’m a nut job.

I’m tired today. So I’m gonna let Vinny pick up the tavern the rest of the day, have a great day.

Vin, got customers –

Howdy Doxylady!



~ by Oscar on August 1, 2008.

One Response to “The Mile Hi Club”

  1. oh oscar – u love that bottoms up girl i sent you! she’s there every day LOL

    strange thing happening with the picture…Carmen seems like an interesting person to have met. Wait til she googles herself and finds you blog. HA

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