TGIF Amigo’s!  Welcome to Oscars Tavern, the only place you can have Charlene’s award winning Sloppy Joe recipe today! Wash it down with a special we brought in, some Texas Shiner Bock  Or the mixed special, a Black Russian!  

What can I get you buddy?   You’ll try the Shiner?  Great, and the sandwich?  Good choice!

      Well I had planned another pre-written thing today, but I’m in a somewhat good mood today despite a few issues. Maybe that rest I got last night.  I went with and old friend to see the Americal Idols tour last night. Now I don’t follow it much, but with all the excitement last year, she had me looking at it. The winner is actually good, David Cook.  He was very good, I enjoyed it. Mind you I have no hearing left as the audiance was 70% teenie boppers. There were girls behind me who’s shreiks had the ability to shatter glass 6 miles away.  I actually found a few Martini glasses here at the tavern, with cracks in them. Hmmm. Should send them to Iraq, scare the hell out of the insurgens. Anyway, my highlight was Brooke White. She’s a thin pretty blonde who has a very unique style. She came in 5th this year. I like her sound. She did a great cover version of Coldplay’s “Yellow“.    Let’s see, thin pretty blonde, plays piano…yeah 😦 , you know where I’m going. It made me sad. I thought about that a lot on my way home. Anyway, my injection into pop culture was fun despite the hearing loss. Oh, and they did have beer there. $7.00 a pop – yikes!

I thought of a few song ideas within the past couple days. Hopefully I’ll get some time to do something with it. I need that alone time we all talk about. 

Well the tavern survived my trip, Willy and Vinny kept the place up well. Someone wrote in the mens room again. DUDES they are real!!!   Stop already!  Have a new part timer coming next week, Lisa. We’ll see how she does.

Was thinking about Doxylady, a dear friend of mine. She told me once that when she was painting her room, she wrote my name on it first with the paint.  Aw. It made me blush. I’ve known her for a long time. We’ll talk about her some day soon. She is the inspiration for todays drink specials.

I haven’t forgotten you Always.

Betty – you have to teach me more tricks – you da bomb!

I wanted Belinda to meet for lunch and I ended up being tied up. Sorry honey. 😦

– another shiner? sure!   Hi what can I get you? The Black Russian, and the sandwich, good deal honey, welcome back!

Site guys are coming in – gotta get the Buds ready. Have a good weekend!












~ by Oscar on August 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “TGIF, S, S”

  1. Sounds like a good time…with the teeny boppers!! 🙂

  2. Shoes…I am at 90 pairs give or take 2. And I wouldn’t consider myself a real “shoe lover” like most my friends, grandmother, aunt, etc. So…that means cut your daughter some slack. 40+ sounds like a minimalist to me! I could use a Black Russian, White Russian or Red one today…the head is pounding from lack of sleep all week. Maybe 1, 2 or 3 of them would put me to sleep. Ah…a girl can dream.

  3. Oh man…I would LOVE to see the American Idol tour. I heart David Cook. Hes a great singer.

  4. Betty – Yeah, and it looked like they all shop at VS.

    Always – A white russian will help you!

    Meleah – Yeah Davis was awesome. Did a great version oh Hero – Foo Fighters. Rocked the house.

    By the pool today – Willy’s tending.

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