I Love Sunshine

 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern.

  C’mon in and sit down. Drink Special today is Corona and Corona Lite. Lunch Special is a delicious sausage and pepper sandwich! Charlene’s been preparing them all morning bless her heart.


I was on a flight recently to the Caribbean and usually sleep the whole trip having spent the pre-boarding either at a bar or at the airline “club”. This recent trip I got there late and didn’t have time to “stop for one” (right, 1) . So my flight attendant in first class, yeah, was a … 35-40-ish bleach blond named “Dawn” who had to make sure she pronounced my last name right because se was so used to international flights that mine was unique. What unique about Smith?  (yeah right) Banter assued and we discussed where we were staying. No, s#it, same hotel.


So she likes margaritas.  Well if you want to put Oscar down, tequila is my enemy. I can drink lots of whiskies, beers, wines, rums, vodkas (vodka- learners permit booze) but tequila has me make bad decisions.  One night I drank frozen matgaritas and unknowingly bought a water bed on the way home. Waking up to a delivery service ready to deliver and wanted to know what time was best.  So, that’s MY bad drink .  LOL  

Do you have a “bad drink”?  I think we who do imbibe, have one that we know we shouldn’t. Why do we anyway sometimes?


Heading home tonight. This caribbean tour is done for now.  I miss Charlene and want to see Betty and Belinda.


My pal Almalee suggests we do Mojitos again.  Ok tomorrow!  .


Oh boy, a bunch of folk from a cruise ship just walked in, ugh! Here we go…




~ by Oscar on July 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “I Love Sunshine”

  1. Aww poor oscar can’t handle his tequila..
    well i have no drink that i can’t handle…and that’s because i rarely drink! LOL
    I bet if I did there would be many i couldn’t handle.

  2. My “bad drink” is also tequila…I’ve had some of the worst hangovers with tequila. Rum is the best. For some reason I never get a hangover when I drink rum.

  3. Tequilla is the reason I have a tattoo on my bottom. Its only VODKA for this girl.

  4. safe travels to u! I am like Belinda…I can handle me some rum!

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