Horseshoes Anyone?


Hi!    Welcome to Oscars Tavern!   Drink of the day is Smithwicks Ale (my favorite!). Lunch special is a tasty California Cheeseburger!  Mmmm Charlene’s always on the money!

What can I get you two?        A Bud?  sure my dear, and you miss?  Gin and Tonic?,     ok, coming up!  

 These two girls are regulars. They are a nice couple. They drink a lot, thats for sure. They’re lesbian.

So every year I rent a beach house. We get a big house on the ocean and invite friends and some relatives to join us. Party house for the week. Lots of beer, booze, and fun.  I DON’T tend bar then. Some of my regulars come and serve me.  LOL.  (I gotta hold a class one day, but they try).  Frozen margaritas with ice chunks.  LOL Well one year I had a lesbian friend  bring her “mate” with her. Now I love both of them, they are fun friends. I used to go to their house get silly and jump on a trampoline till like 1 am. So, here we are on vacation at the beach. A great week of fun with everyone. Well one day it was a bit rough at the beach because there was a storm at sea. Well smart guy I am sometimes, I rent a house on the beach with a pool and hot tub. So the day was spent getting hot, then getting cool,  drinking, hot, cool, drink, hot, cool, drink, hot, drink cold, drunk. Hey lets play horseshoes!   So its me and my partner, against the lesbian couple. We were neck and neck (so to say) and we finally get a bit ahead. I was in the zone. I was throwing ringers, and scoring like crazy. Well the girls decide it was time to win the game. I was ready to throw the winning toss, when as I brought back my arm with the shoe, one of them lifts up her tee shirt to expose 2 different targets. Whizzzzzzz! Off to the left, like my recent golf swing. This working they continue and overcame us to win the match. Hey! They called me to anti up but my partner was my son,  a moon wasn’t going to work. Otherwise, I may have taken them on my own. The game that is. LOL  


Jeannie and I are quits.   I feel bad and don’t know what happened.  Thanks Charlene for your support. I love you.


 Hey! Always sent us some “drink links”  Thanks honey! We’ll have to name a variation here at the Tavern after you!


Betty – Hope today is good for you. 


 Guest stories coming up soon!  Stay Tuned!

Hi – what can I get you?  A Schmitticks!  Sure its todays special, how about a tasty burger!

Remember in Pulp Fiction: ” Now thats a tasty burger”  I love Samuel Jackson in that role.

Oh well  gotta work for a living…










~ by Oscar on July 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “Horseshoes Anyone?”

  1. Oscar I guess its finally time to realize that you and I are both fools when it comes to love…all we wanted is to be happy – didn’t ask for much. Thought we were both headed in the right direction and were going to have our true happiness…try and hang in there – I’m always there for you.

  2. Yeah, you’re right. Maybe it time for the movie ending… LOL
    Always for you too. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about Jeannie…

    But excited to hear about the party house you rented! Too bad you’re leaving on the day we’re arriving! We could have partied together! I can’t believe we were on the same street only a few houses apart…what a coincidence! Oh well…maybe next year.

    My house won’t be a party house…more of a relaxing house with 2 single ladies and their 2 pups. Maybe we’ll pick up some men downtown and bring them back for a party! LOL (not)

  4. So what are you going to do with your newly found free time? Ahh the possiblities…. Who is directing this movie ending anyway?

    This too shall pass…..

  5. California Burgers and a Beach House? Can I come over?

  6. Hey – We’re all going next year. Gotta find a place with a huge hot tub. LOl
    Betty – I may still be there.

    Charlene. ……..
    jeanie… man….

    Alway – on the same page.
    I’m dr_nk s’all good all ggood.

    Charlene – can you open?

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