Another Mojito? Yo?




WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS!    Welcome to Oscars.  How are you today?  The specials today are Budweiser, The King of Beers, and Hot Reuben sandwiches!  MM mmm!

  So What can I get ya?   A bud and a sandwich!  Nice!  Comin’ right up!

 Well it seems I am still here in the Caribbean. Most would say that’s good. Well it would be if I wasn’t working here at this hotel, they have run me ragged. Never knew tourists could be so… bitchy, or ridiculous.  One minute I have a woman bitching I put too much rum in her Pina Colada, next minute, ones flirting with me once her husband leaves.  Believe it or not, those are worse!   I have to pay special attention to them…. Augh.  It’d be good if Charlene were here. Didn’t realize how much I miss her and depend on her. LOL  What a world, what a world.   You’d be shocked at what goes on behind the scenes here at the hotel. Lot’s of crazy s#it.  Did you know the outdoor surveillance cameras can zoom into every room?  Yup, the security guard showed me. I bring him gin and tonics all day. Yeah, the security guard. Keep those curtains drawn! Unless you’re into that kind of stuff.  LOL   Guys on the beach come on with a cooler and sell the local beer for 2 dollars. Our beach waiters get pissed because we charge them $5.50.  Takes from my tips too, which I think I only get maybe a third. If I didn’t owe Edgardo this favor, I’d be outa here.  Rather be ON the beach or by the pool, instead of behind this lobby bar. Or even the swim up bar at least, but that can be brutal too if you know what I mean. Not all the guests belong in thongs. (bad visual).  Anyway it is nice after hours. I usually finish up around 7:00pm.  I get to eat well and enjoy the grounds. Had a nice chat with a little lady from Dallas. Divorce, what else. LOL  No good husband lawyer. Looking for a new man. Why’d she come here? She found me the next night at the bar. Never left. I had to flag her, she was practically falling off the stool.  Poor lil thing. She was all alone. Kinda reminded me of a sweet lady I know from an old job, Almalee, pretty lady, smart. Had lunch with her not to long ago. She has a fun personality, makes me have to think, I like that. That’s another story.  LOL


Yo yo yo , you got the “Bling”?   Yeah bling my a$$.  What is all this bullshirt about bling anyway? seems to me anyone who has items of value by earning it doesn’t need to flash the bling.  A true sign of sucess is not flashing your riches. Just live the life you earned.  Any woman who looks at Oscar isn’t gonna see any bling.  Yeah I have a real nice watch my lawyer friend gave me, but thats about it. I don’t wear jewelery.  I saw this stupid imaage (left) on a website and said, any woman who needs to have someone with money, doesn’t know love. Now I’m not saying date a homeless person, give them a buck on your way to Oscars, where you may meet normal people. Leave the bling for those who stare into cameras and flash it at you. Yo.  Money better spent on a few drinks at Oscars, and maybe food.  Yo put some spinners on your Hoopdee.

Writing and talking to Betty – wee hours.

Miss you Charlene!

MMMrrroooww thats still funny!

“Boys of Summer” is on he jukebox!  I love that song!

Another beer?  here ya go,     Hi welcome what can I get you?   Coors light – sure

Hey lemme go 




~ by Oscar on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another Mojito? Yo?”

  1. Yes…I want a hot Rueben, but hold the rye. I need about 8 mojitos to get me out of this funk and into another dreamy funk.

  2. Oscar – thanks for chatting into the weeeeee hours and getting that number for me. I hope you weren’t falling asleep at the bar today!

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