A Never Ending Battle, ( you are..like a hurricane…)




WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS TO THE SHOW THAT NEVER ENDS….   Welcome to Oscars.  How are you today?  I’m Vinnie, fillin’ in for ol’ Oscey today. He’s grouchy today. Heard him whining to Charlene earlier today.  Anyway she says the specials today are Fresh fish sandwiches and a “Hurricane”  made with Absolute Vodka.  So What can I get ya?

2 fish in a storm!   Comin up! 

You’re gonna love them sandwiches!

Grouch butt Oscar left this note to put here:

Hi  my dear patrons – Ever feel like you are pushing and pushing and never seem to get anywhere? Put your best efforts forward and nothing gets accomplished? You do something at the best of your abilities and nobody acknowledges?  Yeah, I feel that way today.  I’m working on something and its just a waste of time it seems. It really has me down.  Sorry I’m Poopy today.  😦     I took this picture driving to the hotel this morning. Thought it was a sign of a good day.  Vinnie will take good care of ya today. Catch ya later.   O

  So like Oscey is all crab ass today. Geeze, whats he want outa life?  He has this nice tavern, a bunch of friends, he’s in the caribbean this week…  Man, I wouldn’t mind being him.  He’s got some really hot gal pals, a nice place.  Hmmmph!  He should be in my shoes for a couple days.  Anyway, he told me to write something for all of you so here it goes.

Well as I said before, I’m Vinny. I’m originally from Staten Island, NY.   Came here to this town a couple a years ago. My cousin told me Oscey was looking for a part time bartender so I came out. I used to work the Jersey clubs off of 35 ( a highway mid Jersey), you know, strip joints, dance clubs all those kinda places. It was good. But it got whacky with all the drugs and stuff so I got outa dodge.  So like I’m working here late afternoons and nights when Willy ain’t here. Its a good gig.  I like working with Charlene, she’s like the bar hottie. Oscay has the hots for her but he won’t admit it.  She’s cool. 

So like are you sick of them reality shows?  Jezuz, I am. They are all so fu$#ing fake. I was watchin this show where they had this guy who had a girl that his parents didn’t like. So the show brought him like 6 chicks for his mom and dad to pick from and he would date them. So like they show the mom and dad on a couch with his girlfriend picking the chicks out.  And they’re talking $#it back and forth at each other. It was so fake man, if I was that girlfriend I’d have gave the mom a knuckle sangwich right in the face.  And the chicks they had were all freakin’ whack jobs!  Who had major tats, piercing all over the place – what a freakin’ mess.   Anyway, they chose 2 and the guy dates these girls.  One makes him do her hair – WTF?  The other, I don’t know, I had to go to the kitchen to get a sangwich, but it was all stupid. Man even guys like me who just got thier GED, can see this is moronic. What the hell is happening to TV.  I don’t know what happened, if the guy kept his girl or took one of the winning losers.  LOl  But who the hell cares.

Thats my story.   Hope its ok O.

Cool place to check out!   http://www.lulusbaitshack.com/

Lets see – ok —   MMMRRROOOWWW Thats a cat – whatever the hell that is,

Oscey dedicates Neil Youngs “Hurricane” to Charlene.

Yo – Belinda – you da bomb

Bettys trio – you the hottest!

Hope Oscey takes a few Tylenols and gets over this crap.


Yo, I’m outs here.

Ciao baby!


~ by Oscar on July 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Never Ending Battle, ( you are..like a hurricane…)”

  1. “Ever feel like you are pushing and pushing and never seem to get anywhere? Put your best efforts forward and nothing gets accomplished”

    Um. Yeah. All The Time. as in every day.

  2. Hey Vinny, tell Oscar it’s ok to to have a bad day every once in while. God knows I have those often. Tell him that I am always here for him, if he ever needs to talk…I will be his pal forever.

  3. Belinda – He will be happy to hear that! – V

    Meleah – Guess we all have those times, but aren’t we supposed to have SOME better times? LOL

  4. yeah. that’s what the liquor is for!

  5. Oscar – we all have bad days. Hope you have better ones as I hope I do too (soon).

    Thanks for being a great friend!

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