Permite beber cerveza y se desnudan!


Welcome to OSCAR’S TAVERN, a place we like to call home here for the folks who come in and out. An oasis if you will of conversation and swell swill.  Park yourself down and relax. Drink Special today are Corona’s, and our lunch today is chicken parm on a hard roll with chips and pickles. Damn, that Charlene knows how to please THIS bartender!

What can I get you ?   A nice cold Corona? Fresh lime slice, you’ve got missy, how about eats?  Yeah thats it, one of Charlene’s specials comin’ right up!

Oh you too!   Popular item I guess.

Oh Charlene is a sweetie, I’m crazy about her, but don’t tell her that  🙂   I’ve known her for years. Always had a crush on her.  Hard not to fall in love with her, but I’m doing good.  She’s so perfect. Just the kind of woman I’d want.  She thinks I’m nuts.  She does own a chunk of my heart. She’s actually a better match for me than Jeannie. But thats another story.  LOL   See girls, we’re relationship challenged too. 

So a few days ago, and old friend of mine asks me this: “What do you call a confused Dwarf who wears sunglasses and a sweater?   So Leo and I went nuts for days, trying to figure this one out and went dry. 

Days later my buddy replies via text:  “A Metro-Gnome”    DOH!

Oh by the way, a lot of people are asking “what is this with the cat?”  It all started in a previous blog:

 I’m hot for Flo.  LOL

Go figure its warmer home than here in the caribbean.  Although I have had luck in the weather department. Usually when I’m here it rains. This week its been sunny every day. Shame I’m here subbing at the hotel for Edgardo.  No time to fry myself like I usually do.  Probably better off.  A fellow tender down here told me that pouring beer on yourself relieves sunburn. Probably a tip from the local beer distributor.  May try it for kicks. actually another guys said hair conditioner on the red area for a few minutes helps.  I stick with the aloe.

Oh, another Corona?  Sure.  Hows that Chicken Parm?   Yeah it sure is good. 


Hi – a bud?   Sure.   

Bloody Mary?  ok.

Sloe Gin Fizz.      gotcha

Have a freakin’ wonderful day.

Breathe Easy.       

Love to my partner Charlene….






~ by Oscar on July 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Permite beber cerveza y se desnudan!”

  1. I’m breathing as easy as i can…
    i think you better stick w/ the aloe or wear a hat!!
    missing you here in the states!!

  2. “A Metro-Gnome”

    ROTFLMAO….Thats awesome.

  3. Looks like I’ve been missing all the good specials…but do not fear-I am back!


  4. You’re ALWAYS welcome.

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