Back on The Chain Gang



Hi There!   Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!  Oh boy, its Monday.  Specials today are Bacardi Rum Drinks, Yes, we’re making Mojito’s today, and Charlene has Conch Fritters and Corn on the Cob for eats! They are real good!

What can I get you? – A Mojito! Sure!   Coming right up!

Well I think everyone seems to hate Mondays, or at least it certainly isn’t the most popular day of the week.  I did some traveling this weekend and am amongst palm trees.  Funny how the bar just seems to follow me. But here we are back at work behind the bar. 

Well I’ve learned this weekend that Mojito’s at resorts are $11.00 each.  Holy poop, I need to re-think my prices. But then again Oscar’s isn’t a posh resort. BUT a good place to hang. Seems a lot of people are coming back from vacation this week.  Everybody still wishes they were away. I think there should be a buffer day returning to work, like maybe half a day. To recover.  They do it for medical reasons right? This is for mental health and well being!  So I say its ok. Go back to bed. Perhaps a medical deduction for expenses related to re-entering the chain gang. The stress of having to return to the workplace.  Yeah, thats it.  A minimum allowance of 4 drinks on Mondays. All paid for by your health insurance.  Yeah, thats it!  yeah, and you have to come to Oscars, yeah, and free food, and ice cream, and fried cheesecake (had some last night, good) and what else… um, entertainment!  Yes, Jimmy Buffet will give you a personal concert… yeah  >POP<

Whew, sorry…went on a rant.  Must have been the sun I got yesterday…. It said 45 SPF.

Another Mojito?   Sure…..

Forgot to feed the cat.

Hi what can I get you, a bud sure….

TWo lunch specials…………  coming up.

Hi what can I get you?   a Miller sure draft?   Ok Coming up/

Can someone change the tap on Miller!     

Belinda, how’s ma girl….    A Mojito coming right up.

Oh man, back  to work.    Have a great day!



~ by Oscar on July 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Back on The Chain Gang”

  1. Oh Oscar you lucky devil soaking in the sun by the palm trees. It’s summer here but I’d rather be there on a lounging chair by the ocean rather than here dealing w/ what I’m dealing with. FUN FUN!

    I think we need 3 days weekends instituted.

  2. Yep. I hate Mondays. In fact I wrote todays post about hating this day.

    Did you say there are Conch Fritters? Pass Them My Way Please!

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