Fast Flying Food


Hi, Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!   Let me get that glass out of your way.  Hot day Huh?   Todays Drink  Special is Heineken, and The lunch special is Crab Cakes.  I hear they’re pretty tasty.  

 Come straight from the Krusty Krab, for all of you Spongebob fans.  Dahahahaaaahaaa!   I actually own a pair of Spongebob boxers.  Ok maybe TMI. LOL

What can I get you?     –   A Vodka and tonic?  Sure  Lime?  –

Comin’ right up and you sir?  A Bud?  Got it on Tap! 

Well it seems like everyone wants to just get away.  I could use a break, I’ll tell you. Between stuff here and and personal stuff, I just want to run away to that beach where they film Corona commercials.  Or that beach a few posts ago.  Especially after what happened yesterday!  I was eating lunch with Missy and had to sneeze. I covered my nose with a napkin, sneezed, and my front crown shot accross the table! LOL  Missy looked at me with this “should I laugh?” face.  After realizing what happened, and getting over the shock, I started laughing hysterically.  She started right after that. Everyone was looking at us like we were nuts.  We began to imagine it flying into someones soup, on someones head, or down some womans blouse.  It was embarrassing for sure, but a big laugh.  Made us think about the movie “Pretty Woman”, when Julia Roberts made her escargot fly across the room.  “slippery little suckers”. That happened to me once at a resturant. I had a reuben sandwich. I was cutting it in half and was pushing one side to break it and it let go from the dish and sailed across the room.  Maybe this is why I’m so thin.  LOL  I have an eating disorder.  I can’t get it to my mouth without launching it.    

    The cat is still funny.

    Belinda is on a short trip, I miss her.   Charlene has company all week.

    Another favorite Julia Roberts moment: Runaway Bride: at the baseball game after Richard Gere leaves the bleachers, she says, “Pot stirrer – man”.  That makes me laugh.

Well I have to bring some of them Krabby Patties out to this couple over there so let me go. 

Another Bud?   Sure.

Only Coronas for Meleah, when she comes in….

Betty needs a few.   LOL    (luv ya)









~ by Oscar on July 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “Fast Flying Food”

  1. You had me @ Vodka Tonic.

  2. “I just want to run away to that beach where they film Corona commercials.”

    HA HA HA

    Yeah. WHERE is THAT place?

  3. I read its at a place called Pamuul, Mexico (mexican beer). Hmmm will continue to research. Will let you know and get us tickets. LOL

  4. Hey Oscar. I am back. I missed you this weekend!

  5. Missed you too Belinda! Come by for a drink on the house!

  6. Can I come to that beach too? I really need a break.
    Funny story about the crown old buddy. Sorry it happened but it was funny at least! Now watch when you sneeze!

    Can I get one of those crab cakes? They’re my favorite!

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