Change is Good


Welcome to Oscars Tavern!  How are you today?  Drink special is the Silver Bullet , Coors Light.  Its got those Hologrammy things that turn blue when its cold.  LOL   And lunch specials are burgers. Any way you like them.   What can i get you?

A coors light?  Sure –

here ya go, mountains are all blue for ya.  LOL

I smell good!

Hmm, maybe they could invent a way of knowing how it tastes before you buy it. Like scratch and sniff.  They can tell you its cold, why not?  Ah, Guiness, smells like an Irish pub!  Corona’s could smell beachy and lime.  Could be misleading. Ever see some of those air fresheners?   I saw a Mr. T air freshener once. Does it smell like a sweaty athelete?  I pitty the fool! But what the hell why think anymore. It is said that “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  So I use mine sparingly.  Only when I need to . LOL   Sometime people think TOO MUCH.   Not good. Make you imagine stuff that isn’t there.  So think twice before buying scratch and sniff and air fresheners. 

In other news,  Jeannie knew I was having lunch with Missy. Sent me a picture of herself asking “How’s Lunch”, during it.   LOL It was cute.  Hmmmm. 

Not a lot going on in the tavern today.  KInd of slow for a Thursday. Summertime.  But thats ok, make up for busy days. Lunch regulars and after work folks keep us going.  Its nice to have regular friends who drop by.

 Now this is what we call “chugging”  Don’t miss a drop my dear!



                                    “Heiney’s” Special tomorrow!



Hey!  We have a drink recommendation from one of our cool regulars:


Gotta cut limes.



~ by Oscar on July 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Change is Good”

  1. Oscar – that was very very very funny of Jeanie to do that. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. How do you keep a straight face??

  2. Betty – It wasn’t easy, believe me. LOL

  3. 🙂 missin’ the food man!

  4. Oh yeah, the grill broke. Has pizza from Alphonso’s brought in for free. Hope you got a slice!

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