Nothin’ On.


Welcome to Oscars Tavern, How are you doing?

Drink Specials are Budweiser and Bud Lime – Thier answer to Corona’s. Have you tried it?  Also Columbia Crest Wines.  Charlene is back and prepared some tasty spaghetti and meatballs.    What can I get you?

A Bud – you got it, and you ma’am?  Columbia Crest Merlot, nice.   2 orders of the lunch special?  Great!    “Charlene, 2 Up” !  

Man, that Viagra commercial makes me crazy.  A bunch of musicians sitting around and suddenly this guys says, “Hey check this out”, and launches into that cheesy “Viva Viagra”.  Then of course, all the guys all join in and act all chummy. Too close if I say so myself.  Then they all leave happy like they’ve all found the secret to life.  Thank god for the “mute” button.  I hit it and start singing, ” I am, an asshole….”.   But hey, ads work, I’m talking about it. But the ad with the 2 tubs, the man and woman are more appealing for me, then a bunch of guys in a barn…. LOL 

I began thinking how stupid television is after I read this blog: “The Price of Swinging”.  Her comments are pretty funny. We are truly becoming sheep.   Its very scary what we subject ourselves to.  Probably why I leave sports on the flatscreens as much as I can here at the Tavern.  It was all so much better when we just had 3 networks.  “57 Channels and nothing on“, Bruce Springsteen said a few years ago. That $99.00 FIOS package adds up to > $150.00 when your done. I still surf unsatisfied. Thank God for Law and Order reruns. “Cha-chung”

My idea of “Open Mike Night” seems to be getting good reception, I’ve had a few folks ask about it. Perhaps we can showcase some here.  I’ll put together some stuff too.  Leo says he can do “Moon River” with an undisclosed body part.  That should be a real treat.  (not)  Willy wants someone to do Frank Sinatra. Any crooners out there?

Ok enough of the cat. But its stull funny.

Still haven’t found what I’m looking for………     am I cranky today?



~ by Oscar on July 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Nothin’ On.”

  1. Bud Lime is actually a bit yummy. A beer I can handle.

  2. Those Viagra commercials drive me nuts too. Just reading your posting gets that Viva Viagra song back in my head.

    Corona Lime is great. Haven’t tried the Bud version of it…I guess Buds now are now official Belgian Beers.

  3. Thanks Always – will give it a try!

    Belinda – Yes, looks like Bud won’t be an American Beer anymore. Kinda sad. But look at me I drink Irish ales. LOL


  4. I am in love with the Bottoms Up Pin Up Chick. Adorable. But I cant (rather I wont) drink any other beer than Coronas.

  5. Well, ya’ll just need to try some good ole Texas Shiner Bock beer! W-h-at a great idea.

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