Battered Shrimp


AH,  Hi! How are you?   Gimme one second.    Sit down!  

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8…    Ok, 8.  Specials today are Schmiddicks, and Absolute drinks.  Charlene is at Motorparts today, so I only have Fresh Pretzels, I got at the pretzel shop on the way in.  Besides the usual bar snacks.  A Bloody Mary?   Sure.   We make ’em a bit spicy here, ok with you?   Good!

And you Ma’am?     Screwdriver.   Ah both Stoli specials today.

Unusually busy day here.  I figured everyone is still on vacation, but hey, who knows.  Not the best day for Charlene to take off but she’s a busy girl too. Had a busy weekend.  Good friends from LA came in on Friday and I took Saturday off to hang with them. We drove to the beach and had a nice dinner last night.  Got in late, had a few…..    So I’m a tad foggy today. Lowered the volume on the jukebox. LOL  Brought them to the airport before I came in here.  Willy must have been busy last night, the place needs a restock.  Bud keg is out.

So one of the LA folk was talking about a serious situation, during dinner. It started after he got his menu. He sat back and said, “I don’t believe this!”

Believe what? –



Look!         – He pointed at the menu in the seafood section. Now here I am looking for Non-dolphin tuna or something…

Where?  – I ask.

Here look    Battered Shrimp!


  And whats wrong with that?

Oh sure, you just sit back while the chef grabs thier little tails and slapps them silly………

Not sure if it was the margarita’s but I sprayed my drink all over the place laughing. Battered shrimp.  Guess that aligns with frogs on rollers.  LOL


 Maybe we’ll talk about the alcohol abuse of Tomato’s. “Stewed Tomato’s”

I actually started writing a new song recently, its based on one of my friends. We’ll let you hear it soon. 



 MMMrrrrrdooooowwww!  Thats a cat!    Gotta keep kitty out of the store room!


Well shouts to my good customers, Breathe, Tiff, Meleah, Always, Belinda…    Will put some fresh pretzels aside for ya.  Hopefully Charlene will be back tomorrow.  Jeannie had this adorable “pocohontas ” hairstyle yesterday.  Brought out the John Smith in me….  
Oh, another bloody mary, and screwdriver? comin’ right up.
Hi – welcome to Oscars, what can I get you ?   A Bud?   got ya.
Hey its getting busy, gotta dart!



~ by Oscar on July 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Battered Shrimp”

  1. I could use that Bloody Mary! Everything is hazy for me today. Up too darn late! I’m upset, but I don’t know what the heck about…so give me a pretzel too. You ever get any other patrons like me? You know…the type that can’t put their finger on what is wrong? That’s me now. It’s all too hazy.

  2. Well my dear Always, looks like you’re in good company today. LOL
    One Bloody Mary and a Pretzel, comin’ up! And as usual – on me.

  3. Sorry I’m not around today Oscar – need to take care of some business down at the Motorparts today…I should be around tomorrow – make sure you have something good for lunch tomorrow – I actually think I might be able to eat something by then….and you better get the bud keg fixed up…If I can, I’ll bring back some of Mr. Hill’s famous apple pie shine for your drink specials tomorrow….10 4 out your back door.

  4. well os-cy! you do the same thing I do when i hate a commercial. I yell and sing nasty things over it. yes, i sing. lol. just like i sing to you.

  5. oops i commented on the wrong post above…that one goes to the other post about the viagra commercial.

    anyway, thanks for the shrimp & stewed tomatoes references – made me laugh. i need to laugh!

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