Hello There! Welcome to Oscars Tavern!  Todays drink specials are Absolute Ruby Red and Miller Lite.  Charlene’s got some tasty BLT’s with Home Made Coles slaw and Chips for us today!  What can I get you?

  A Cyber Buzz Bomb!  Don’t get that one too often!

  • 2 Parts Absolute Ruby Red  Be_whackframe250
  • 1 Part Grand Marnier
  • 1 Rose’s Lime Juice.
  • Mix with Ice.

One of my Bud’s told me about this one. Hear its quite tasty!



FRIENDS.    Wow,  They’re better than family most of the time. Family you have to like. Friends you just do. Pretty powerful huh? Yet we’re expected to treat family like friends. ” You never call your Uncle Buford”, yet, we’ll call Bob or JIll, our friends from work, or friends we’ve known since school, or just know from whatever. Probably because a good friend won’t judge you. What few faults I have, (right) My friends will let me know when I’m off. Family will talk about you at the next funeral, or wedding. “Look at Oscar, he’s dancing with that tramp, like in the movie “Dirty Dancing”!”.  And isn’t there always, “that tramp”, at every wedding?  The attractive woman who may have had a couple too many and is just having fun, usually in a revealing WHITE dress. LOL  I digress.   Anyway, I really rely on my friends. I think most people do. When a friend is distant or is acting not as usual, we get nutty, wondering what WE did wrong sometimes.  Uncle Buford just farts a lot, thats why we don’t like him and we don’t care. But if my buddy Charlene gets in a funk, I really care. And she’s a tough cookie to crumble, but I usually get it out of her. She’s a friend I Love. 

And there’s friends who I just enjoy talking to. People who treat me as I do them.  I’m a lunch guy. I’ll buy you lunch. A low price to pay for good conversation.  So anyway, I just wanted to take a moment from behind the bar here to give thanks to the many supportive friends I have. Some who come here and drink( vent) regularly, and those who I see seldom, yet don’t forget me. And those who listen to my babbling sometimes and still listen.  LOL  Friends are priceless.

By the way – Isn’t that credit card company awake enough to see we’re tired of that “this is $15.00, that is $25.00, and this… is priceless….”    Yikes, enough already.

MRRRooow  Thats a cat!

Still trying to find alone time. Hard to do.  Just have to make it happen. Yeah, That’s it MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Shouts to Breathe, Meleah, Tiff and always.




~ by Oscar on July 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. That Cyber Buzz Bomb sounds great! Glad that you are not as mushy as yesterday with all the love talk…I agree with you. Friends are priceless, couldn’t get through some days without them.

  2. Friends can’t live without them…they are the reason I keep going at this point!! 😀

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