I’m Beggin’ You for Mercy…


Hey, How are you!  Welcome to Oscars Tavern!  Drink specials today are Johnny Walker Black Label and Medalla, a light beer from Puerto Rico. I have some friends up from there so we have them covered. Charlene has what she calls, “Death Dogs“, or texas weiners today!  Them and a couple of Medalla’s will set ya right up! What can I get ya?

You’ll try a Medalla?  Comin’ right up!

So I woke up this morning to Aimee Duffy’s “Mercy” song again.  It happens quite often. Funny thing is, that I was turned on to that song by Jeannie a while ago.  In some way I feel like its supposed to happen. The words of the song talk about a woman wanting to be released from inhibition to someone who is very tempting.  The guys here at the bar say I’m nuts.

Well anyway, I wish I was here. I think I need some alone time.  Ok, if Charlene or Jeannie wanted to tag along, it’d be ok. Lay back and have a couple of those umbrella drinks and BS about silly stuff.   Aw, hell, why don’t all of you join me.


No shoes, no shirt. no problem!

MMMRRROOWWWWW,   Thats a cat.

Thanks to all for your comments!

Breathe!  You da bomb diggity!

What can I get ya?



~ by Oscar on July 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’m Beggin’ You for Mercy…”

  1. Death Dogs! I love those!!! You can keep the Puerto Rican beer and give me some coke w/2 shots malibu to wash down my death dogs with.

    I’m interesting in hearing where these thoughts of Jeannie lead.

  2. needing ALONE time must be in the air or something these days!

  3. Meleah…lol you’re right…i guess it is in the air…i have lots of alone time but don’t want it! LOL! Give me some company!

    oh oscar…jeanie is going to string your along for the next 10 years…unless u do something about it…not sure what you can do about it…bud…

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