All You Need is Love!


And Maybe some of Charlene’s Tasty dishes…..

Hi, How are ya!   Welcome to Oscars Tavern!  Drink specials are Blue Moon Ale and Good Ol’ JD, Jack Daniels.   Charlene’s got some delicious Cuban sandwiches and cole slaw for you.  What can I get you my friend?

Raspberry Martini?  Sure.


I picked the Blue Moons because Belinda is gonna come by today. Charlene is the JD fan.

Well this pretty little lady came in a while ago all depressed and poopy (shitty- for you regulars). Its that relationship stuff again. So we got into it. I told her you need to get to know people slowly and love will grow from it. Can’t expect people to love you right away, that is LOVE love. Yeah, you can love to be with someone, or love what you did with them, but to have a heartfelt love, takes time.  She said she broke up with a guy after only 6 weeks. I was like, you were never IN LOVE.  You loved the experiance. 

  This is a heart, never mind that silly   Thats a symbol.

Now I think you have to love what the left keeps alive. The soul, the person.  Then that clump of life sustaining muscle becomes that cutesy little symbol in some worlds.  But its a symbol, not dare we say, “heart-felt” .   Everyone wants to be in love.  It takes time for a true one to hold. Grow your own!

Whats that? another Raspberry martini?   sure – comin’ right up!



MMMMRRRRRoooowwww  Thats a Cat

shouts to Meleah, Breathe, Breakfast Girl, always, and Belinda!

Hey – check this out –  the girl in this video comes here a lot.


So I’m thinking about traveling again somewhere Caribbean, got any ideas? Maybe I can convince Charlene to “Carry my bags”.    🙂



Have a wonderful day/night.  Thanks for the tips!



~ by Oscar on July 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “All You Need is Love!”

  1. You’re gettin all deep with the love stuff now. LOL

  2. I know. I sucks to be in love. You know what I mean, breathe. Maybe thats a good thing. “in Love” Not Loving yet, but In love.

    Makes you smile don’t it. Well we’ll see what happens. Gotta get back to the bar, busy Night!!!

  3. Love is not a necessity, but a privilege…and should be treated as such. It’s not owed to those seeking to find it, but rather to those unsuspecting.

  4. Alwaysknowyouhavegoodcomments – Oscar Most agreed. An unsuspected will see it grow.

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