The Smoker You Drink, The Player you get.

Hey There, How are ya.  Yeah I’m back. Hope Willy did a good job keep you satisfied.  He says If you didn’t like him then dial 1-800 KISS ASS.   He’s….different, colorful, let’s say.

Well anyway, Drink Specials are Amaretto and KIllians. What can I get you?

– A vodka gimlet?  Sure. 

So I spent a lot of time with Charlene this weekend. Well, in my mind anyway. I was hanging with people and all but still felt like I was by myself. Know what I mean? I’m still trying to figure her out. She’s so sweet.

Anyway, I was thinking today about being drunk. When are you drunk?  Is it the dumb breath-o-lizer they give you or your ability to function.  Lets say I did a whammy on myself this weekend and didn’t drive, only because I stayed home pretty much. But the rules are making it hard to stay in business. Cops sitting in parking lots across the street waiting for my best customers to leave. Guess I have to keep giving Officer Murphy those free drinks. Insurance he calls it.

Ever hear that song by Brad Paisley called “Alcohol” ? It’s a funny way of looking at drinking. He’s Good! A lot of folks here at the Tavern like him. Damned good guitar player!

I had 3 girls wondering what I was doing the other night. 3 Girls. One was Betty. Betty always keeps in touch. She’s a sweetie! We’ll talk more about her eventually. And her cast of friends. Damn, and I was tied up.  I gotta get a life.

Hope you all had a great forth of July!  A proud day for all of us. I think Willy put a match near his ass and farted for everyone at the bar so they could all swear they went and saw fireworks, instead of here getting, “fired up”.  Guess its what you coinsider celebrating.

We miss Charlene, she’s had off since Wednesday.  😦  She’ll be back tomorrow.

Well anyway I hope you all had a nice July 4th Weekend.  see you here soon I hope. Stop by, got a problem? Question about anything? We have a whole bunch of characters here who can fill in some blanks for you!

Shouts: Breathe and Always. Best customers so far!  Drinka always on the house as long as I’m behind the bar! 🙂


MRRRRDDDOOOOWWWW! Thats a cat!  (still get a laugh out of that)



~ by Oscar on July 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Smoker You Drink, The Player you get.”

  1. damn oscar you got 234 readers so far – they better start commenting! LOL

    ok, where do i start.. thanks for the amaretto special – now that’s for me! the 2nd thing i must mention is the brad paisley reference…now that is NOT for me. NO B.P.! LOL

    and that willy lighting matches for fireworks…what a kook!

    Oh and Betty is so sweet…i know her very personally!

  2. I’de like to try a vodka gimlet. It sounds fantastic !!! Amaretto special is making me smile

  3. the 4th was good…lots of beer lovers…you would have fit right in! 🙂

    I’m undecided on the specials…you pick for me

  4. I love all things alcohol, but I never. EVER. ever drink and drive. Thats just stupid. But, there is nothing wrong with getting ‘tore’ up every once in a while!!

  5. Love all things alcohol – Nice!

    We here at the Tavern agree! No drinking and driving! We’ll get you a cab.

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